“Miss, are your our main teacher?!”

“Miss, are you our main teacher? There won’t be someone else teaching us all the time? Will it be you?”

Why yes, yes kids I am your main teacher!

It’s been A YEAR. But, last week, I FINALLY got to do my first transition day and I just adored it. We had such a brilliant day.

(A little background for those who don’t know my situation. I’ve worked at this school for 8 years now. I started as a TA, wanted more responsibility and was very lucky to be given a HLTA position. Having always wanted to be a teacher and not having a degree, I’ve spent the past 3 years getting a degree and the subsequently completed a SCITT to get QTS so that I can finally become a teacher)

The morning of transition day, I was a BARREL of emotion. I was on the verge of every emotion possible. My brother sent me the loveliest message, which sent me over the edge and made me cry. However, once it got closer to 9am, I was excited and raring to go. My brilliant TA had got the things prepared I’d asked for and we were ready to get them when the bell went.

Despite the fact I’ve worked at this school for 8 years, my class somehow seem to be a class I’ve not covere/taught much, so I knew that transition day needed to be all about having a bit of fun and getting to know each other.

The kids are avid readers which thrills me as I too am a MASSIVE reader! Taking this into account, I decided to spend a good chunk of time doing a Book World Cup (very timely since it’s the World Cup at the minute), inspired by my brilliant tweacher friend Ashley (check him out @MrBoothY6 on twitter).

I gave the children 12 different books which could be our first class novel of the year, gave them time to read about each of the books and talk about them with each other. It was important for me to give the kids time to talk about the books with each other, and with me. A lot of them wanted to know my opinions on the books. I remained as impartial as humanly possible as I wanted it to be THEIR decision, not mine. I wouldn’t have been able to make some of the decisions they did, especially in some of the later rounds. Once they’d had time to process each of the choices, we started the knock out competition. I just used a random number generator to pit them against each other.

It was a hard fought battle with the final round coming down to Rooftoppers vs Skellig vs The Girl of Ink and Stars. We had brilliant discussions around all 3 books and then it came to the final vote.

I was overjoyed when they unanimously decided a winner: The Girl of Ink and Stars. I can’t wait to read it to them, it’s a brilliant story and I adore Kiran’s writing. 

We got up to all kinds of other things on transition day, but for me the Book World Cup was the absolute highlight. If you’re looking for something to do with your new kids, or looking for a way to promote reading, then I would whole-heartedly encourage this kind of activity. My kids are still talking about these books and we’re a week on – they can’t wait to read the rest of the choices in September! A few of them have even gone out and bought them already. 

S x

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