S4S – Books that made me laugh


How are we all today? What is going on in your lives today? I would like to hope you are participating in #SixforSunday in whichever means you wish. Go and share the bookish love my friends!

Today’s #SixforSunday prompt asks for:

Books which made me laugh

This is another one of those that I could go on for a while. I cry and laugh at a lot of books. I’m that person. I FEEL a lot at books. Sue me.

  1. Coco Pinchard books – Robert Bryndza
    Man. I love Coco Pinchard. I miss her a lot. She’s a disaster, but the books are HILARIOUS. I will deffo be finding time to reread them.
  2. Who Let The Gods Out? series – Maz Evans
    Yes, yes, we all know I love this series but FOR REAL, they’re hilarious. The humour in this is accessible to kids and adults alike. I genuinely chuckle so hard at these books. I dare you to read them and NOT laugh. I will eat my metaphorical hat.
  3. Sam Wu books – Katie and Kevin Tsang
    These books are BRILLIANT MG books centred around the MC (Sam Wu) not being scared of things that he quite blatantly is scared of. They’re deliciously funny.
  4. How To Be Champion – Sarah Millican
    I adored this when I read it. It made me laugh AND cry. It’s proper funny, obviously cause Sarah is PROPER funny.
  5. Perijee and Me – Ross Montgomery
    This made me laugh in its gentle, touching ways. I read this to kids at school and it just made me so happy.
  6. Candy – Lavie Tadhir
    I read this MG book recently and it just made me chuckle. It’s so wonderfully written.

Let me know which books for you make you chuckle. I love a good laughing book. I need more books in my life that will make me laugh!

Share your ideas using #SixforSunday! Let’s spread the happy, joyful love!

S x

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