YALC top tips!


Today I’m sharing some of my top tips for how to get the most out of YALC.

Now, I’m by no means a YALC pro, but from going last year there’s a few things I learned that I thought might be useful to share with everyone going this year!

  1. Have breakfast
    Don’t make the mistake I made of not having something to eat BEFORE you get to YALC. Eat some breakfast, your body will thank you when you can still function later in the day.
  2. Carry snacks/water with you
    Yes there’s a cafe, yes there’s a Tesco across the road, but I tell you once you’re in the room of YALC goodness you may not want to leave. Plus, the cafe gets busy and from what I remember isn’t the cheapest option! Stock up from Tesco in the morning!
  3. Prepare for long lines
    Now, this is in particular for authors who don’t do events often. If I think of this year’s line up, I think FOR SURE the longest line could be for Tom and Giovanna Fletcher. However, prepare to queue. I’m not sure what system they’ll have in place this year, but be ready to queue to meet your faves… they’ll love you for waiting!
  4. Know what you MUST see
    Have a schedule prepared. If like me, you need to know what’s going on and who you’re seeing when, what signing you’re doing when… check out the YALC website (they’ve announced the schedules for the days) and get a copy – highlight/make yourself a list of what you’re doing.
  5. Don’t go overboard on the proofs
    IT IS SO EXCITING SEEING ALL OF THE PROOFS, but take the ones you’re going to read, the ones you’re most excited for. Don’t just take everything because you can. (Think about it… you’re going to have to carry them anyway!)
  6. Prepare to run into people you talk to online
    Last year I did NOT expect to run into so many people I knew online. I don’t know why I thought this. But go and say hi, don’t be shy. I can guarantee all of these people will be excited to see you too.
  7. If you feel overwhelmed, remember that’s OK
    A LOT is happening. You’re allowed to feel overwhelmed and take a minute to yourself.
  8. See as much as you can
    It’s not every day you get to be in the same room as some of your favourite authors and some of your friends from online – try and get as much in as you can, without exhausting yourself!
  9. Introduce yourself to people
    Say hello to people, especially if they’re people you recognise. YALC is a great opportunity to say hi to those people you see on twitter/that publicist who sends you books. The people of YALC are the loveliest.
  10. Cosplay if you want
    I’m VERY excited because at least 2 of my faves are cosplaying this year and I’m very excited to see it! (I’m not cool enough to cosplay, but if it’s your thing do it!)
  11. Check to see what the deal is with workshops
    If there’s a workshop you are DYING to go to, check with the people who are working the event what the sign up deal is. Last year it was sign up on the morning and once the slots were full, that was that. I don’t know what the deal will be this year, but just ask!
  12. Prepare to ache
    You’ll ahve sore arms and legs, possibly an empty bank account, but you’ll also leave with a very full heart once your experience is over.

Whether you’re coming to YALC for 1 day or the whole weekend, it’s an incredible experience to meet people, share the bookish love and enjoy being your most bookish self. Last year was incredible. I absolutely loved it. 

If you want to read about my YALC experience last year, you’ll find 2 blog posts – YALC #1 and YALC #2.

Let me know if you’re coming along and I’ll say hi!

S x

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