Why buy books?

As you saw at the beginning of December, in my Perfect Presents feature, I am a MASSIVE fan of buying books for EVERYONE for Christmas. I think books ARE the perfect present. If you missed that feature, please check out my gift guides for EVERYONE in your life:
Perfect Presents #1 deals with picture book recommendations
Perfect Presents #2 shows you some brilliant MG books to buy!
Perfect Presents: YA edition does exactly what it says on the tin… recommendations for YA books
Perfect Presents: Miscellaneous edition  is a miscellaneous mix of ALL kinds of books that I would recommend! 

Everyone in my life (from the twiglets, to my best friend, to my mam) is getting a book. Some of them are getting MULTIPLE books. My twiglets are getting about a million books. I have a strong feeling about books. For as long as I can remember, I have bought books for the twiglets. (My twiglets are my goddaughters, if you weren’t sure!) Birthdays, Christmas: books have been on the agenda. I don’t think there is a better present. It has meant that they are now total book worms. 

I recently posted on twitter this picture, with the caption:

“All 31 of my Y6s will be getting a book for Christmas! Gotta love for total bargains! (Forgive the badly drawn smudges to cover up names)


And my WORD what a response it got. Mostly positive, I did receive a few messages that weren’t so positive. The over riding response was positive. People were so kind. Comments about how thoughtful it is. How they wish they’d had me as a teacher. How teachers like me are what’s good about teaching. 

To all of you, thank you so much. It means the world. You’re all brilliant. Your kind words mean a lot. 

I bought them all a book because that’s what I do. 

For some of my kids it might be the only book they get. If I get to provide that, then I’m doing my job. I want all of my kids to be surrounded by books. I want them to read for pleasure. I want reading to be a part of their life. Reading books opens you up to so many different worlds, so much incredible vocabulary and some true escapism. 

For the sceptical people who sent me messages that weren’t very supportive: I wasn’t showing off, I wasn’t looking for approval. For those who said I shouldn’t shop at The Book People, I should shop at Waterstones/WHSmiths: I quite simply can’t afford to buy 31 books at Waterstones prices. What The Book People provide is a very affordable means for me to ensure that my kids get at least one book at Christmas. 

I’m there to facilitate the learning of my kids, not just in the classroom. 

So yeah, give books.

S x

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