Wildest Dreams Book Box

Hello there!

Today brings something a little different to my blog! Today I am revealing to you all the amazing contents of my first ever book box subscription!

Welcome everyone to Wildest Dreams Book Box

Wildest Dreams was the brain child of my gorgeous friend Zoe (blogger and booktuber!) When I heard she was thinking of making a book box, I knew I needed to get in on it! It is only £18 per month, with discounts for 3 monthly, 6 monthly and yearly subscriptions! 

I was one of the very lucky ones who got 50 trial boxes for December… and this is what was in it! I am so proud! 

First off can we just appreciate how gorgeous these stickers are?! I love them!

The first two things I opened were this wonderful Sorting Bathbomb from Geeky Clean. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a massive bath taker (I’m much more of a shower gal) but when I saw this, I was excited. I AM TERRIFIED however that it won’t be yellow… but we shall see. The second product I opened was tea inspired by After The Fire. For those of you who know Zoe, you will know that ATF is one of Zoe’s absolute favourite books for 2017, so it was no surprise to me that there was an ATF themed product in the box! If my memory serves me correctly, it’s chocolate and orange flavoured!

Having opened those lovely goodies, I was looking forward to getting to the book. I spotted this book plate and the bookmark (which is signed by the author!) in the box. Then I finally got to the book. I had my suspicions about what the book would be, but having opened the book I was totally wrong! Zoe has spoken a lot about this book over on her blog and it is one that I am yet to get my hands on, so to see it was a pleasant surprise! There’s also a brilliant note from the author about the book too


So there you have it! December’s brilliant Wildest Dreams Book Box! I am so chuffed I managed to get my hands on a box, and I definitely can’t wait for January’s box! 

If you’d like to get your hands on January’s box, check out Wildest Dreams Book Box for more information! (There were still a few left at the time of writing this! They won’t be there for long!)

Have you got your hands on Wildest Dreams Book Box yet?
Do you subscribe to any other book boxes?
What do you think of the products included?

TALK TO ME. Comment. Email. Tweet. I’d love to see your thoughts! 

S x

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