Christmas movies!

We’re getting closer!

Christmas is on its way!

Yesterday, I shared my favourite Christmas songs, and today I am sharing my favourite Christmas films

Now… confession time, gather around everyone. I’m not a massive film watcher. I LOVE going to the cinema, but I’m not great at watching films at home. Maybe I just need to find someone to watch films with? Who knows! So yes, I don’t watch films OFTEN but Christmas is an excellent time to sit and watch films. Here’s a few I watch at Christmas!

Love ActuallyImage result for love actually

I know, I know, a lot of people think this is problematic, BUT I love it. I think it’s lush. The message at the start in the airport gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. I like the love stories. Are they believable? No. I don’t watch for believability; I watch because I’m a romantic at heart. It makes me cry so much at many different things. 

The Grinch 

Image result for the grinch

I really like Jim Carrey’s performance as the Grinch, he’s pretty spot on. This is definitely one I will be hoping is on some streaming service or another as I want to watch it again! It makes me laugh and gives me festive feels!

The Holiday

Image result for the holiday

I’ve only seen The Holiday a handful of times but what I remember, I really loved it. I will seek it out this holiday season and reignite my love for it. I’d quite like to swap homes with someone in a warmer climate and fall in love this Christmas… *sigh*


Image result for elf

If you don’t love Elf, I don’t know if we can be friends. I love this film. It is so quintessential Christmas for me that I watch it EVERY SINGLE Christmas. I may in fact even watch it tonight. Will Ferrell plays SUCH A BRILLIANT Buddy the Elf in this film. He is HILARIOUS. If you’ve never seen it, please go watch it (although I will find it hard to believe anyone hasn’t seen it!)

Miracle on 34th Street

Image result

For me, THIS Santa is the one and only Santa there is. I love this film, so much. I don’t watch it often, but when I do I absolutely adore it. It’s one of those savour the moment kind of films! 

And there you go! There’s 5 of my faves! Nothing out of the ordinary, but good films deserve their praise! 

What are your favourite Christmas films?
What’s your favourite snack to accompany your films?
Do you prefer the cinema or at home watching?

Talk to me! Tweet me! Comment! Email! Send a pigeon! 

S x

2 thoughts on “Christmas movies!

  1. Richard says:

    Love Actually is one of the greatest films of all time, and no killjoy can tell me otherwise!!

    Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are a couple of my other favourites. 🙂

    At this time of year, my snacks include a tin of Quality Street and a tin of Roses, although I leave all the nutty ones haha…


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