S4S – 2017 recommendations

Hello there! 

Tis Sunday again! Tis I the #SixforSunday monster, taking over the blog again. Today’s blog comes to speak of recommendations. Now I’m only going to throw these names at you and then leave as I have a full round up type of post coming in a few weeks time, where I will talk about these and others! 

2017 books I would recommend

Lol, imagine if I actully recommended 2017 books. No, I mean books released in 2017 that I would recommend.

  1. The Scarecrow Queen – Melinda Salisbury (YA)
  2. Wing Jones – Katherine Webber (YA)
  3. A Quiet Kind of Thunder – Sara Barnard (YA)
  4. A Place Called Perfect – Helena Duggan (MG)
  5. Simply The Quest – Maz Evans (MG)
  6. How To Stop Time – Matt Haig 

There you go! There’s my 6 for #SixforSunday! I talk about these books ALL THE TIME so it’s only fair they get their places on this list!

What are your recommended books from this year?
How many of mine have you read?

Talk to me! Leave me your links in the comments or on twitter, I love seeing the #SixforSunday posts in the wild! Watch out for the prompts for next year coming soon!

S x