2017: Top 10!

Now that 2017 is drawing to a close, this is a perfect time to reflect on the blog posts I’ve written and featured on my blog over the past year. Today I will be sharing the top 10 most viewed posts from this year, and next week I’m going to share my top 10 favourite posts to write! 

Here goes:

Happy things
This was the first blog post where I shared things that had made me happy that week. I saw the idea on my friend Grace’s blog and thought it was brilliant. I have since written a few similar posts!

Bookblog: Helena Duggan
I’m so pleased this one is in my top 10! A Place Called Perfect is definitely one of my favourite books of the year. Such a unique and brilliant story, with characters who are likeable, with a GORGEOUS cover too!

Perfect Presents – MG books
Again, this is another one that I was so glad to see was on my Top 10 list! This was an absolute joy (and also headache) to write. I didn’t want to leave out any of the brilliant MG books I’d read this year, but saying that there were some amazing books out there for presents was a joy!

Bookblog: Alice Broadway
Ink is easily one of the best YA books I read this year, and seeing this review in the list is incredible. Alice quickly became a great friend too, she’s been amazing. I implore all of you to check out Ink. The sequel Spark is out next year!

Bullet journal
This post was my original bullet journal post! This post depicts where I started from. My bullet journal has changed SO SO much now and it is so much more attractive now. Seeing this on the list was a real surprise! (My more recent posts will be much better!)

“Mam, can I have a book?”
This was a letter I wrote to everyone (I do these every now and again) discussing buying books, allowing kids to read the books they want to read and not restricting them because a book is pink/blue. If you’ve been following me a while now, you’ll know I have strong feelings about books.

SixForSunday: You Join In!
This was an absolute JOY to see on this list. #SixforSunday was a silly little tag I thought of earlier this year. Six books that fit a category given every Sunday. Now that we’re at the end of the year, there are some people who join in every week and it makes me so happy! I hope #SixforSunday keeps evolving in 2018. Watch out for the list of tags to come!

Mental Health in YA
This was a post written by one of my absolute best friends in the world, Rachel. The post explores YA books which have a focus on mental health. It’s so important that issues like mental health are dealt with in a mindful way, and the books on this list have come with the Rachel seal of approval, so I would definitely read them! (I’ve read 3 or 4 of them!)

Desert Island Books: Melinda Salisbury
Lol, of course my Queen makes an appearance. Just like #SixforSunday, #DesertIslandBooks was another feature on my blog this year and it was a proper success. I featured bloggers, booksellers and authors. I’m over the moon Mel’s was the most viewed. She’s my favourite. (Keep your eyes peeled for next year’s feature! Let me know if you’d be interested in being involved!)

It All Started In September…
Finally on the list, one of my favourite tweachers (twitter teachers) Mr Phillips wrote a guest post for me earlier this year. He talked about books, of course. I am proud to say that Mr Phillips and I are still friends now and our bonding over books still happens regularly. You should give him a follow, he’s an absolute gem. You’ll find him @Mr_P_Hillips

And there we have it. My top 10 viewed posts this year! Some absolute gems, some I didn’t expect to be there! What a year it’s been!

S x

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