Monday Mini Reviews: Festive feel goods!

Good morning everyone!

How are you all today?

I’m here this very Monday with 3 festive/chilly middle grade reads I’ve inhaled recently that I think you’re all going to love!


Operation Nativity – Jenny Pearson

Gosh, Jenny has written an absolute beauty here. This made me laugh out loud and cry (yes it made me cry on the bus!). This book was the perfect thing I needed for this festive season – an adventure to save the first (and every) Christmas after it! I loved the characters in this so much – from the main characters, to the actual Christmas characters. This has such incredible messages about Christmas, family, love and kindness. I just want to hug this book so much. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I was lucky to be sent this by Usborne, and I knew that waiting til the festive season would be THE ONE for me… and I wasn’t wrong! I think this would make a gorgeously sweet read aloud in a Key Stage 2 classroom.

Saving Neverland – Abi Elphinstone

I was so very lucky to be sent a proof copy of this from Penguin… I am well-known as a massive Abi fan and they reached out to me! I read it incredibly quickly and I absolutely loved it – this is so full of Abi’s typical magic flair, incredible characters and gorgeous fusion of real world and the fantastical. I adored her take on Neverland and the new characters. There’s just enough of the original Peter Pan in this for me! Just wonderful! This isn’t out until January 5th, but it will be so worth the wait for you all!

The Frost Fair – Natasha Hastings

Spent one morning finishing this, and what a lush story of ice, magic, friendship, some brilliant business-women and deception. Who doesn’t love a good wintry tale?! The kids did a brilliant job working together and that ending was delicious! I loved the ending – seeing how love truly can conquer evil! This was another one I was lucky enough to have a proof of, so didn’t get to see Alex T Smith’s incredible illustrations… maybe Santa will bring me a copy, so I can see them!


That’s it for today. As I type this, the snow is falling so I’m off to go stare at the snow for a while!

Have you read any of these?
Have you any festive or chilly book recommendations for me?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment, or talk to me on twitter.

S x

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