Series review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

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Today, I’m doing something a little unusual… I’m dedicating a blog post to a whole series. A WHOLE SERIES that I utterly adored! This is one of the best series I think I’ve read in recent times – each of them proper had me hooked and I had to race through them.

I know I’m WAY BEHIND on this series, but guys… if you’ve also not read them, I implore you to do so!


My god, I raced through this. I finally picked it up after seeing everyone talking about it since release and honestly… Absolutely incredible. Pip is such an amazing main character and her feisty determination to get this case solved was commendable. Lots of gorgeous nuggets of dastardly deeds, breadcrumbs of clues and twisty turns! This kept me guessing the whole way! My suspects/theories were disproven every time I came up with another one! I can’t wait for the next book… no idea what it’s going to have in store!

God, this was just as thrilling as the first one. Absolutely bombed through this – didn’t wanna put it down! Audible gasps were heard, swear words were muttered and a few tears were shed. Josh and his Pom bears man… that scene had me just weeping! I love that this wasn’t predictable: it kept me on my toes and I was gripped by every single little thing. I am excited for the finale!

Honestly, that ending made my heart so happy. This one is SO MUCH DARKER than the other two, but it’s devilish and delicious and Pip becomes a whole other person. I read this slowly (partly because it was so dark my brain needed a rest, but also because I know that I needed to savour it while it was still around) This whole trilogy has been exceptional and I can’t wait to see what Holly does next!


I can not endorse this series enough! If you’re looking for something dastardly, deadly, twisty, turny with gorgeous gorgeous characters… and some you WILL hate, then look no further!

A massive well done to Holly Jackson for this series – it kept me gripped from the beginning and I’m so sad (and glad for Pip) it is over!!

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