Marvellous MG: the younger ones!

Morning everyone! Happy Friday!

I’m here to share 5 younger middle grade books (aimed at ages 5-8) I was sent/bought recently that will be going into my school library as soon as we’re back… and will be WELL loved.

The Tindims – Sally Gardner

‘”What is rubbish today is treasure tomorrow.’ Discover Rubbish Island which the Tindims have built entirely from things we have thrown away. Captain Spoons, Mug, Jug, Brew, Skittle and friends are busy recycling when Ethel B Dina is blown out to sea and the Tindims must launch a rescue operation with the help of some friendly fish and surprises along the way.

This book has ALREADY been handed over to the Year 2 teacher in my school because I think it would be PERFECT for her class! The Tindims are a brilliant bunch who take the pollution we humans leave in the sea and make something good of it for the island and the people who live on it! The illustrations in this are so cute. There is so much you could do with this book: looking at recycling, junk modeling, talking about conservation and looking after our world. I know that it is one I’d be looking at using if I was working in KS1!

Leo’s Map of Monsters – Kris Humphrey

“When Leo opens his assignment envelope on his ninth birthday two words stare back at him: TOP SECRET. But before he has time to ask any questions, he’s whisked away beyond the village wall to meet his new boss, the Guardian. As the Guardian’s apprentice, he must protect his village from the monsters that lurk in the surrounding forest. Armed with a slingshot of magical stones and a strange map, Leo is given his first mission-to do battle with an angry Armoured Goretusk.”

When Leo is given an unusual, and frightening, assignment to do his bit for the village, will he be able to work with his appointed teacher and save the village from a scary and rampaging beast? His assignment throws him into the world of monsters, strange stones and a handy slingshot, but how do they all help? What will happen when he goes into the forest and sees a monster? I really enjoyed this! It’s a whole load of fun and it is wonderfully illustrated too! It’s a brilliant story and there’s going to be more from this series, so I’m even more happy!

Mirabelle Gets Up To Mischief – Harriet Muncaster

“Meet Mirabelle. Her mum is a witch and her dad is a fairy, and Mirabelle is a bit of both. She likes casting spells with her fairy wand and flying around on her witchy broomstick, but most of all, the thing she really, really likes to do, is cause mischief. And in Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief, she does just that!”

For lovers of Isadora Moon, you’ve got to meet Mirabelle. She’s Isadora’s cousin and these stories are going to be brilliant! Isadora Moon books are SUPER popular at school and I know that we’re on for another set of winners with Mirabelle. Mirabelle is half witch, half fairy and has to battle against her witchy side when she goes to a fairy party with her family. When she gives into temptation, will everything be spoiled? I thought this was super cute and there’s some lovely messages about telling the truth, learning to love who you are and family! As always with Harriet Muncaster books, this is gorgeously illustrated (I am a BIG BIG fan of the purple/grey colour scheme here!).

Freddie’s Amazing Bakery: Dancing with Doughnuts – Harriet Whitehorn

“Freddie Bonbon is THE BEST baker in Belville and although life is busy, he always has time to lend a hand and solve his friends’ problems! Freddie’s best friend Amira is excited to be dancing in the Summer Show – but disaster strikes when her partner gets injured. Luckily Freddie is happy to help. But as the big day arrives, rival Bernard – ever ready to step in if Freddie changes his mind – is waiting in the wings with some naughty tricks up his sleeve.”

I don’t think there’s anything Harriet Whitehorn CAN’T do! She keeps writing winner after winner (if you’ve not read the Violet books, please get on that!). This is the first of this series I’ve read (despite the fact it’s the third book) and it was thoroughly enjoyable! I’m a big Harriet Whitehorn fan… and a big fan of baked goods, so this was sure to be a winner. And it was like joy in a book! Freddie is a baker extraordinaire, but with the local talent show coming up and a friend in need, can Freddie overcome stage fright and a certain meddling person to help out? This is jam-packed (lol) with gorgeous illustrations and a fabulous story to go with it! I need to track down the rest of the books in this series now!

Willow Wildthing and the Dragon’s Egg – Gill Lewis

“In the Wilderness, where magic and nature collide, there are magical creatures and strange powers at work. In this story the Wild Things – a group of children who have taken on the characteristics of the wild creatures they are named after – discover another group, the Bark Skins, have taken over their camp, and won’t give it back. A battle of the camps begins with witches, dragons, dragon’s eggs and the two warring clans. Can they resolve the dispute and live alongside each other in The Wilderness?”

I loved Willow’s first adventure when I read it last year, so when I was offered the chance to read the second, I was so pleased! I love the fact that Willow plays outside and uses her imagination as she plays! When she’s faced with some dangers, some new faces and a potential loss of camp, she must work together with her friends and use her wiles to see if she can get it back. This is a gorgeous story about nature, looking out for each other and the power of friendship. This series is great!

PHEW! We made it to the end! A massive thank you to OUP and Head of Zeus for sending me the review copies of these books- they will sit very happily in our school library!

S x

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