BLOG TOUR: Ewa Jozefkowicz

The Key To Finding Jack: a great mystery that will keep you guessing!

“Twelve-year-old Flick adores Jack and loves solving puzzles with him. But Jack is soon to flee the family nest and Flick worries she’ll lose her partner in crime. During his gap year in Peru, tragedy strikes when an earthquake devastates the region and no one knows what has happened to Jack. Flick and her family are thrown into the horrible unknown. She finds a key on a fine gold chain and a note with the initials SF in his room, and clings to the hope that SF (whoever that is) might hold the clue to finding her brother. When she sets out to uncover the identity of its owner, she meets new friends, rekindles a special relationship and discovers a whole new side to Jack.”

This brilliant story tells the tale of Flick and her brother Jack. When Flick’s brother, Jack, sets off to Peru, an earthquake strikes. Everyone is worried because no-one knows where he is, how to get in contact with him or how he is (I can’t imagine how stressful that must be!!). Flick, who is back in the UK, is desperate to find her brother, but as she delves deeper and follows the clues left for her to find him she learns as much about herself as she does her brother – and some things she never imagined she’d learn!

In her exploration and search for her brother, she finds that Jack has left behind one of his most treasured possessions: a small gold chain which has a small golden key. Not just that, but there’s a strange message left too which reads: ‘For S.F. to keep until I am back.’ Flick being flick decides to follow these two clues and figure out not only WHO S.F is, but what connects S.F to Jack and to the whole situation.

I loved watching Flick learn all about herself, her family and mainly her brother as she tries to track him down. We all have people in our lives who are near and dear to us who we THINK we know really well, when in fact, there’s a lot about them we may not know. I saw a lot of myself in Flick – I’ve got an older brother who I absolutely adore and despite the fact he lives 1000s of miles away, I’d do pretty much anything to know he was safe. She’s a brilliant main character and I think a lot of children will find something about her that connects with them too – even if you don’t have a sibling, we all have someone in our lives that we want to protect!

As with all good books, this explores different messages about family and we view other people/how other people view us. I think it’s one of those great mysteries in life – knowing people and loving them for who your perception of them is!

This would make a brilliant class novel, or a brilliant addition to a class library. It’s full of twists and turns; it keeps you guessing until the end and there’s a load of different things you could discuss throughout the book.

A massive thank you to the publishers for inviting me to be on this blog tour. I can’t wait to pop my copy of The Key To Finding Jack in my class library and watch my children fall in love with these characters, this mystery and see what they pick up on themselves!

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S x

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