S4S – Clever characters

Good morning!

It’s the first week of #SixforSunday does September and this month we are back to celebrating our favourite characters! I’m a massive lover of a good character so I thought it was about time that we gave them some more love on our #SixforSunday posts!

Don’t forget the prompts for September are:

September: Characters ahoy #2

6th: ‘Clever’ characters
13th: Good role models
20th: Brave main characters
27th: Devious main characters

Today’s prompt came about because I love reading these kinds of characters, so today we are celebrating all the:

Clever characters

I’m interested to see how you guys interpret “clever”. I’ve gone for academically clever, but I can imagine a few of you guys have gone down slightly different routes!

  1. Caro Kerber-Murphy – The Love Hypothesis
  2. Jemima Small – Jemima Small versus the Universe
  3. Ellie – Orphans of the Tide
  4. Olive – My Life as a Cat
  5. Nik and Norva – High Rise Mystery (I know, that’s technically 2 but shush).
  6. Matilda (obv).

There’s a few more that I could have included, but I am always on the search for MORE. Let me know who your favourite academically clever characters are. Remember to share your post in the comments and with me on twitter using the hashtag #SixforSunday!

See you next week for ‘Good role models’ – I LOVE a good role model hah!

S x

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