BLOG TOUR: Jack Noel

Good morning friends!

Today is VERY EXCITINGLY my stop on the ‘My Headteacher is an Evil Genius’ blog tour and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you! Plus, there’s a little something special from author AND illustrator Jack Noel at the bottom of this post too! 

My Headteacher is an Evil Genius: full of absolute fun!

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“Meet Tom Ginger. She’s shy! she’s retiring! She’s … our only hope! Not exactly the stuff that heroes are made of – or is it? Shy girl Tom Ginger is the world’s most unlikeliest hero – until she discovers that her new braces have the power to act as radio transmitters, allowing her to tune into the conversations of her new super-evil head teacher. Suddenly it’s up to Tom to save the school from Miss Fortune’s dastardly plans. Can she do it?”

My Headteacher… tells the story of young Tom Ginger. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and is well aware of the fact. You learn really quickly that she’s a watcher; she doesn’t get the chance to play at break times at school because she hasn’t got many friends. When things start going astray at school, with the introduction of a new headteacher and some dodgy looking staff, it’s up to Tom and some new found friends to save the day! With her magic powers blessed to her by her braces (who knew?!) and her new found friends, she has to rescue her school and her friends from the crazy new Miss Fortune. 

I’m a massive fan of a book that’s set in a school (I don’t know if that’s all teachers… but certainly is for me!) and when I saw this, I was desperate to read it! The characters, the plot and the humour in it just made me absolutely delighted! 

Miss Fortune comes and decides to take over the school and change it… DRASTICALLY. What happens to the old gym? What does she end up doing to the library? And why can’t all of the adults see what Miss Fortune is doing to her school?

I loved the character of Tom: she was shy and timid, but when she needed to, she could stand up for herself and her friends. She wants to save her school and she wants to know what’s happening and WHY. Her new friends are a whole load of fun, and it was great to see them coming from all kinds of different friendship groups in school! 

I think kids and adults alike will find this book a whole load of fun. It definitely had me chuckling quite a lot! I can’t wait to add this to our school library because I think it’ll be one of those books… once one child reads it, they’ll all want to read it! It’s funny, charming and BRILLIANTLY illustrated. 

As part of the blog tour, Jack has drawn the brilliant Hammy (the class pet) in all of our different settings. Here’s a picture of Hammy in my classroom (as it was set up during lockdown). Can you see him? 


Did you find him? You can see him better in this second picture! 


My Goodreads review:

This is a HOOT. An evil headteacher takes over a school. With mysterious microphones and some dodgy teachers, can friendless Tom figure out who Ms Fortune is and what she wants with their school? Properly great this and WONDERFULLY illustrated!!

A massive thank you for stopping by and checking out today’s post! Another massive thank you to the brilliant Jack Noel for his hilarious picture of Hammy in my classroom and to the publishers Walker for sending me an invitation to be on the blog tour and sending me a copy for review! 

Have you got any stories of your evil headteachers?
What’s your favourite story set in a school?
Do you have any school stories to recommend to me?

I’d love to know your thoughts! Check out the rest of the blog tour below! I can’t wait to see pictures of Hammy in everyone’s different settings! 

S x 

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