July in books

Good morning everyone!

So we have reached August. July has departed for another year and we are left in its wake in a new month!

Today, I’m here to share with you the books that I read in July! It was a month of two halves in terms of reading – during working weeks, I got through barely any books, but come the time we broke up… man, I got through LOADS. I’m someone who does really well at reading in my down time and the Summer holidays is time for me to just spend reading. Since we aren’t really allowed to do much else at the minute, I’m all about reading ALL THE BOOKS. Anyway, here’s my July in books!

In July, I read… 20 books!!

I THINK July might’ve been my MOST PRODUCTIVE reading month of 2020 so far. (I checked and yes it is! Beating January by 1 book!)

What MG did I read in July?

July MG

As you can see, I got through a LOAD of MG in July! More than I thought I had! I managed to read a few graphic novels in July (which I don’t read a lot of!) A massive thank you to Scholastic for sending me copies of Donut the Destroyer and A Mummy Ate My Homework: they were loads of fun and it was nice to read something outside of my norm! Same to Macmillan Kids for sending me a copy of InvestiGators (I can’t wait to take this into school and share it with the children in Year 2/3: I think they’ll love it!). I bought El Deafo myself because my friend Dean keeps shouting at me for not reading, so I’m really glad that I did finally!

A massive thank you to all of the different publishers who let me read proofs from Netgalley too. I only recently got back into the Netgalley game… and I’m so so glad! Reading the new Sophie Anderson (thanks Usborne!) and The Unadoptables (thanks Puffin) was an absolute delight… so much so that I’ve bought/preordered finished copies of the books! Absolute MASSIVE shout out to the amazing people at Discover Kelpies for sending me an e-copy of The Otherwhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie (the final book in the Nowhere Emporium series which you guys need to know that I LOOOVE); I devoured it in a matter of hours and I’m SO SAD that this adventure is over!!

What YA did I manage to read?

July YA

Like the MG, a lot of these were sent to me by the wonderful publishers! Reviews for all of them are coming if they haven’t been posted already. Check the post below to see my reviews of some of these wondrous 6! I seemed to have a LGBTQIA+ reading month and I am HERE FOR THAT. It’s a great look for me. Really loved all of these books, so a massive thank you to the publishers for sending me these!

YA Pride: A round-up

HOLD UP STEPH… 13 + 6? That’s only 19 books. You’re right it is… because, in July, I read…


I know. You are all SHOCKED.

48693877. sx318

When someone offers me a chance to read the new Matt Haig book before it comes out, I am NOT going to refuse that opportunity!! It’s brilliant… go preorder it!


Now that we’re more than half way through the year, you’d expect me to be at least half way through my challenges… I am PLEASED TO SAY that I’ve smashed them both! Will I change them? Nah, but I will keep counting!

52 KIDS BOOKS: 58/52

Massive thank you again to the publishers who sent me books/approved me for books on Netgalley this past month. You guys are blooming magnificent!

Did you have a productive month of reading?
What’s on your August TBR?
What can you recommend me to read in August?
What has been your favourite read this year?

Speak to me! I’d love to know what you loved reading last month! Stay safe everyone!

S x

3 thoughts on “July in books

  1. Carolina @fictionologyst says:

    How could you managed to read a lot of books in a month? I read 5 but I love them! Unadoptables and The Castle of Tangled Magic are on my TBR too!!

    Liked by 1 person

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