S4S – Wintery covers

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are all well and staying safe… however that looks in the country/city/town you live in! Let me know in the comments where you live… I’d love to see where around the world my readership is (I think primarily the UK, so I’d love to see some far and away commenters too!)

Today sees the start of #SixforSunday August prompts! In August, we are celebrating COLOUR in all its glory! I love a good cover… in fact I am a total cover magpie. Love a good cover me!

Here’s the prompts for the entirety of August:

August: Let’s celebrate colour!

2nd: Wintery colours
9th: Spring colours
16th: Summer colours
23rd: Autumnal colours
30th: Your favourite colour!

You are free to interpret these #SixforSunday prompts how you wish! I’ll be going for colours that remind me of those seasons! You’ll find the banners I made (should you wish to use them) by clicking on this post: #SixforSunday August banners

Today’s prompt is:

Wintery covers

S4S winter

For me, Winter is a BLUE season. A lot of blue and white… so I’ve chosen 6 covers that shout winter at me and I’ve gone for all books I’ve read! And all but one of these is MG! Give me more of those wintery, icey covers please (and if they’re foiled EVEN BETTER).

Don’t forget to share your post using #SixforSunday on twitter. I’ve had a lot of fun checking out your posts already today, so thanks!

There WILL be a #SixforSunday chat tonight. I’m a bit under the weather so my brilliant friend Charlotte and her son, S, will be hosting tonight, so please pop along if you can! I might be feeling up to it by then. I’d love your thoughts on tonight’s questions as it may help for future #SixforSunday plans!

Stay safe, S xx

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