#SixforSunday August banners

Hi friends!

I know it’s NOT Sunday, and I’m posting a #SixforSunday post, BUT I am here for the provision of the banners for the prompts for this coming month! Please don’t feel you have to use them if you’re more creative than me, but you are more than welcome to use them if you like them! I really like making them in advance, so I figure I might as well post them haha!

Don’t forget August’s prompts are a colourful bunch! You are free to take these prompts however you see fit… I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I bloody love a good bit of cover porn, so SHARE YOUR FAVES with me!

I’ll be posting the prompts for October, November and December in the next month or so! You can find the prompts for every month past and future by clicking the #SixforSunday tab.

The prompts for August are:

August: Let’s celebrate colour!

2nd: Wintery colours
9th: Spring colours
16th: Summer colours
23rd: Autumnal colours
30th: Your favourite colour!

August S4S week 1August S4S week 2August S4S week 3August S4S week 4August S4S week 5

Don’t forget at 6pm (BST I believe) most Sundays, I host a twitter chat over on the #SixforSunday! I’m having loads of fun doing it and it’s a brilliant way to end the week. It’s been great getting to see some new faces and chat to some of my bookish friends, so if you wanna pop along and talk to us, you are more than welcome!

Happy #SixforSunday‘ing everyone!

S x

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