ThursTAG: The Racing to Read tag

Good morning everyone!

Today is good old ThursTAG! We all know I LOVE a tag! Now, the tag I am doing today, I saw for the first time on my friend Jess’ Youtube channel – you should check out her video here and subscribe to her channel. I didn’t join the Reading Rush (which is a readathon) because I didn’t know about it in time haha, but I’m doing the tag regardless! I hope the Reading Rush people don’t mind!


Warm Up: A book that stretches your mind?

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I love a good book that makes me think – either in the “oh my god I have no idea what’s coming next” or in the “wow, that was deep” kind of way. The most recent book I read that made me think was The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It’s such a brilliant story about the lives we don’t get to live and whether they are better than the life that we do live. I quite often think ‘god, what would life be like if I made THIS choice or THIS choice’ and this book was great because it was about a woman who is exactly the same.

Start Line: What’s a book that you started but never finished?

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Oooh! Now I don’t do this a lot, but I definitely have done it. I started A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E.Schwab quite a while ago and my brain just wasn’t in the mood for processessing all these different Londons and all of the characters. I will get back to it, but my brain just was NOT in the mood at the time.

Sprint: A book you read really quickly?

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A LOT OF BOOKS. I am quite a “greedy” reader – if I’m into a book, I’ll read it in a matter of hours. I love a good undisturbed reading session so I can just immerse myself entirely in a book. The most recent book I gobbled up was The Castle of Tangled Magic by Sophie Anderson. I love her books and was sent this on Netgalley (thank you Usborne angels) and I read it in a matter of hours.

Marathon: What’s your favorite long book?


Oooh. A book out of left field here… but Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer is INCREDIBLE. It’s not a book that I would normally read, but my mam kept getting me to read it, and when I eventually did, my god guys… just blew my mind! I don’t read a lot of “adult fiction” (as you may have noticed), so this is one that stands out to me!

Hurdles: What’s a book that had ups and downs?

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HA! I vividly remember sitting on the tube going to YA Shot reading Clean by Juno Dawson and SWEARING at Lexi and her stpid, foolish choices. This book is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and if you haven’t read it, please get on it. Juno is an absolute master storyteller!

Finish Line: A book you were proud to finish?


God. I could have gone with so many for this. However, A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G.Drews filled me so much sadness and anger that there were SO MANY TIMES I needed to put it down to cry/rage. This book is INCREDIBLE and if you haven’t read it, well, get on it.

Gold Medal: Best book you’ve read during a readathon?


I don’t participate in many readathons to be honest! The most recent one I joined in was the Star Wars Readathon (hosted by my brilliant friend S) and of the books I read in that readathon, Do You Know Me? was the most brilliant. They were all great, but my god, this book is so bloody essential in the world.

Participation Ribbon: An underrated book you wish got more attention?

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Ooooooooooooooooh. SO MANY OF THE BOOKS. I’m gonna go No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this book. I read it last year and it has STUCK with me. Plus, she’s just released another book (not a sequel) so now is the perfect time to get yourself a Bethany Rutter duo going on!


Massive thank you for reading!

Have you read any of these books?
Are any of these books a surprise to you?
What would you choose for the different categories?
Have you got a tag you can tag me in please?

I really enjoyed doing this tag! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it (if not, soz ha!). Speak to you all soon,

S x

4 thoughts on “ThursTAG: The Racing to Read tag

  1. Astrid says:

    Great answers! I’ve been wanting to read Clean for some months now, ever since I first found out about it, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Now that you wrote about it in this tag, I definitely will soon.

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