BLOG TOUR: Duncan Beedie

Oof Makes An Ouch: a gorgeous story of friendship and the power of our words


This gorgeous story tells the tale of Oof and Pib. They come from an ancient tribe and don’t know a lot of words, but like every other group of best friends in the world, they have their own kind of language! They do everything together, but when Oof decides to start doing something that Pib doesn’t like, things start to go wrong! Can the two friends stay friends? Or will words get in the way?

I am a big fan of Duncan’s books: they’re full of charm and wit. This book is no different. A gorgeous story about friendship and what happens when it goes wrong. We have all been there and had a friendship go wrong! This is a great story to read to children about how to be a good friend, even when you know you’ve done something wrong! It’s always great to find stories to read to children that are as gorgeous as this one!

Oof Makes an Ouch: Beedie, Duncan, Beedie, Duncan: Books

One of the things that really stood out to me were the illustrations. I think children’s picture books these days are so beautifully done and this one is spot on. There’s so much life in the illustrations and you get so much from the pictures! They add a lot of additional humour to the story too – the pictures of the tribe really made me chuckle! 

I just know that this book will go down an absolute storm with the children at school. I read it to the little girl next door and she LOVED it. So much so that she needed to go and read it to her little brother once I had finished. “It was so funny and the two characters were friends and then they weren’t. It’s like we all need to say sorry sometimes and be good friends because we love each other”. (No higher praise than that!!)

As a little bit of fun, Duncan has created something a little bit different for you guys: how about a guide on how to make a caveman style back scratcher with Pib and Oof. This could be a brilliant thing to do and think about as you go on your walks, or play around in the garden! You don’t need many things! Check out the how to guide below! You can download the pdf! 

Duncan beedie

Back scratcher how to pdf

Massive thank you to Templar Books for inviting me to be on the blog tour and a massive thank you to Duncan for taking time to make this amazing back scratcher fun and all the rest of the fun on the blog tour! You can check out the rest of the blog tour on these amazing blogs! You should definitely get yourself a copy of this hilarious picture book! 


S x 

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