BLOG TOUR: Agent Asha

Agent Asha: how do I sign up to be a spy?!


“Computer code just got dangerous in this action-packed spy adventure series. Asha Joshi has the perfect excuse not to finish her homework. She’s just been recruited to join the top-secret Children’s Spy Agency. Her first mission: SAVE THE WORLD. Can she do it? Asha’s a coder so she should be able to hack into the biggest tech company in the world, fight deadly sharks and figure out why the Internet has stopped working. All before bedtime. Easy, right?”


Agent Asha tells the story of brilliant Asha, a young girl who loves coding, figuring things out and using her brain. One day, she receives a mysterious email from the library telling her that she is needed. When she gets there, she is recruited by the Children’s Spy Agency to be their latest recruit. She doesn’t quite believe what’s going on, but when she’s asked to save the internet, and the WORLD, she realises that this is a serious mission. With the help of some brilliant friends, can she save the world, the internet and become a fully fledged recruit of the CSA?

This book hadn’t been on my TBR for that long before I decided to pick it up… and even then I regret taking so long to read it! This book is FULL of fun, adventure, intrigue and brilliance. I loved the story. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a fully fledged spy? (I’d like to be a spy now as an adult, but as a kid… that’s the coolest thing ever!). This is a story full of little nuggets of excellence and I genuinely think that kids are going to absolutely adore it. I WANT MORE from this series, so I am HOPEFUL there is more to come! 

One of the things that I loved as I read this book (with my teacher head on) was that this story seems to be SO BRILLIANTLY aligned with the Computing curriculum. There’s pages interspersed throughout like the ones above which are SO BRILLIANTLY and CLEVERLY done. They’re part of the story, but they’re also a wonderful way to teach kids about things like fake news, passwords and showing them what coding looks like! This is a gorgeous story and a brilliant gateway to getting children engaged in coding, critical-thinking and STEM. There’s brilliant infusions of content from KS1 and KS2 – shout out to the brilliant author and illustrator for getting in concepts like algorithms, conditionals and debugging in an engaging way. 

You should definitely get this book when it’s out because it’s going to be a proper hit with teachers and kids alike! I can’t wait to give it to one of the children in school and just watch them devour it.

When I talked to my Year 6 bubble about it, they loved the idea. They thought it was so cool to see a girl who was into computers and coding because “it’s not a boy thing, or a girl thing, but you never get to see girls being into computers. They’re always into makeup and shopping” (a genuine quote from one of my boys!). 

My Goodreads review:

Mission complete. This was PROPER FUN. I wish I was a spy like Agent Asha. She’s brilliant and I think she’s a great role model. Lots of great coding interspersed throughout this! Bloody yes! Girls, coding, spies and incredibly aesthetically appealing too! This is set out in such a fun way – more books like this please! What do you do when you’re recruited into a secret spy agency and have to take down someone who’s threatening to take over the internet? You say yes of course!!

A massive thank you to the publishers, Walker Books, for inviting me to be on the blog tour and for sending me a review copy of this book: I PROPER enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see more from this series! I’ve got the absolute honour of kicking off this blog tour, so you should go and check out the rest of the stops in the coming days! 

Agent Asha blog tour image_Twitter

S x 


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