June in books

Good morning everyone!

So June has come and gone… apologies for not getting this up last week. I lost my mojo a bit last week – I just felt a bit overwhelmed last Sunday: I had 3057458 things to do and I didn’t have enough time! So I’m late, but here I am! I’ll share my thoughts on June in a post later this week – there was both a LOT going on, and not a lot ha!

Today, I’m here to share with you the books that I read! I had a slow reading month in June. Back to school and running left me exhausted and I just didn’t want to pick up a book! Travelling less on buses means that I have less time to just read. Which sounds ridiculous, but it’s true – I used to do the bulk of my reading when on buses!



Like in May, I read more kids books than YA books. They’re easier to read and they’re sometimes a lot more fun… and that’s what my brain needed last month!

Since they’re the majority of my books… let’s start there:

MG books I read in June!

June 2020 MG

I was lucky enough to be sent 3 of these and bought the other two, and let me tell you, they are all SMASHERS. What I love about this selection now that I see it is that it’s SO diverse! There’s something for everyone in this selection. I absolutely adored Malamander, so when Gargantis came out I knew I needed to read it and it didn’t disappoint. Do You Know Me? is another sequel (to Can You See Me? an incredibly important book) that I absolutely devoured once I was in the mood to read it. Orphans of St. Halibuts was sent to me as a proof copy and it’s HILARIOUS. There were so many times when I CACKLED at that book – please, when it comes out, get on it! I don’t often read books that are 7+ (I don’t know what that is, but I tend to read more 9+ books) but Agent Asha and Llama Out Loud are brilliant 7/8+ books… and they’re both SO DIFFERENT.

BLOG TOUR: Agent Asha

The one YA book I read in June


I’m quite glad that I only read one YA book last month… because this is an INCREDIBLE book. I actually started it, and then my brain was like ‘OOOH THIS IS TOO CLOSE TO LIFE AT THE MINUTE’ so I stopped. I picked it back up and then I DEVOURED it in a matter of hours. It’s hard hitting, clever and thought provoking. It’s a brilliant story that proves that monsters aren’t always what we think. I just… you all need to get on it because I need MANY PEOPLE to talk to about it! Please?


This year, I’m aiming for 52 kids books alongside my just regular goodreads total of 52. I find Goodreads helps me to actually keep track of what I’m reading cause otherwise it all goes a bit pear-shaped. I’ve not deviated from Goodreads despite all the chatter around different websites… we’ll see!

52 KIDS BOOKS: 45/52

Massive thank you to the publishers who sent me books even in these ridiculous times: you guys know I love you a lot!

Did you have a productive month of reading?
What’s on your July TBR?
What was your favourite June book?

Speak to me! I’d love to know what you loved reading last month! Stay safe everyone!

S x

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