S4S – Favourite tropes

Good morning everyone!

Happy #SixforSunday once again! I can’t believe this keeps coming around so quickly! It’s a brand new month of prompts too – hooray! I’ve attached to the bottom of this post the banners (I was meant to post them before today… I do apologise!).

This month’s prompts:

July: Trope-tastic

5th: Tropes you love
12th: Tropes you hate
19th: Overdone tropes
26th: Tropes you want to see more of

This is one I’ve been looking forward to since I thought of it, cause I have FEELINGS about a lot of tropes haha!

Today’s prompt was one I really struggled with because I had about 600 that I had to whittle down, and then when I did, I was like BUT NO I DON’T WANT TO MISS THAT OUT… so ask me again in a week and I could give a totally different list hah!

Tropes I love

  1. The bad boy with the heart of gold
  2. Friends who fall in love
  3. Baddies who are actually goodies
  4. The chosen one 
  5. The badass young woman who is trying to overthrow the evil king/ruler
  6. Finding yourself

Like I say, this list could change at the drop of a hat… and it could also end up being a trope I HATE if it’s done badly… but YES. LOVE IT.

Here are the banners for the rest of July if you want to use them! See you at 6pm for a chat about fave tropes and the books that feature them. See you on the #SixforSunday hashtag!

S4S July week 1S4S July week 2S4S July week 3S4S July week 4

S x

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