Summer Reading Challenge: Let’s get SILLY!

Good morning everyone!

Recently, the Summer Reading Challenge theme was released and I thought I would pop by to talk recommendations (some from me, some from the children that I teach!). We all know that sometimes the best recommendations come from the kids themselves. 


This year, the Summer Reading Challenge theme is based around the Silly Squad. The challenge this year celebrates funny books, happiness and laughter. We’ve had a bit of a weird year this year and a lot of children love joining in the Summer Reading Challenge – I know we always have a good number of children joining in from school! Children who do sign up to take part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck into all sorts of funny books!

This year, the 2020 Challenge features bespoke artwork from award-winning children’s author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson (Amelia Fang; Evil Emperor PenguinI Don’t Want Curly Hair). And let me tell you… I ADORE the illustrations! 

Silly Squad Characters - For Information

If you’d like to find out more, or sign your children up for the Summer Reading Challenge, check out the website here: Summer Reading Challenge. I know I’ll be posting about it on our school website and such like! 

Looking for recommendations?

This collection of books was an UTTER JOY to put together! I’ve got some recommendations for picture books, younger chapter books and older chapter books. We all love a laugh!

funny books pic books

When I asked some of the younger children in school about the books they liked most that made them laugh… The Book With No Pictures was a RESOUNDING favourite. This Is Not My Hat came in a close second. A few of them said, “the book with all the poo and the cross animal” and I knew EXACTLY which one they meant haha!

funny books young

“We love that Bad Nana is so naughty and she’s an adult” – Bad Nana was our ‘mystery book’ in Year 3 this year and they absolutely loved it. I just recently read Llama Out Loud and it’s FULL of fun and mischief! The Sam Wu books are also brilliantly fun and they’re full of incredible illustrations!

funny books older

My Year 6s resoundingly told me that Who Let The Gods Out was one of the funniest books they’d ever read (and I can vouch for that, bloody love this series!). All of these recommendations came from children in my Year 6 class! We love a funny book in Year 6! They’re not something I read very often, but my kids absolutely adore a funny book.

There are LOADS MORE recommendations I can give you if you need some, but these ones are a great starting point! On the Summer Reading Challenge, you can check out Find a read which will help you find books suitable for the right age range and it also gives brilliant pointers of where to find books/audiobooks if libraries aren’t open!

Have you got a favourite funny book?
What’s the funniest book you’ve read recently?
Will you be joining in the Summer Reading Challenge?

I’d love to know if you’re reading funny or joining in! I can’t wait to read some funny books over the summer!

S x

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