S4S – Fave authors to follow

Hola friends!

It’s Sunday: you know what that means! It’s #SixforSunday time again! Thank you so much for everyone who has been joining in this year so far! The prompts for the next few months will be going up in the next week or so, so you can be ready for what’s to come!

Today we’re talking

Favourite authors to follow

I’m going with my 6 favourite authors to follow on Twitter/Instagram because they’re the platforms I’m most active on. If you’re not following me, you’ll find me at @eenalol.

  1. Alice Oseman
    I love following Alice because she’s just so wonderful. She’s like a little ray of sunshine in the world. Plus, who doesn’t love getting updates on her books and Nick and Charlie!
  2. Melinda Salisbury
    You can’t follow Mel and not love it. She posts recipes, beautiful photos of places she’s visiting and she’s got a brilliant sense of humour to pair with it.
  3. Laura Steven
    I love following Laura because she’s just so bloody funny. Her tweets always make me laugh. She’s a proper delight.
  4. Sara Barnard
    I adore Sara anyway, but I love that she doesn’t shy away from asking us (her readers) questions that help her with her books. Plus she posts pictures of beaches often.
  5. L.D. Lapinski
    Mega fan to many different things, quick witted and brilliant. Plus, Ghost.
  6. David Owen
    If you’re looking for someone who’s just a good human, posts funny tweets and CAT CONTENT, then David Owen is the man for you.

Is this list predictable? Probably. So sue me. *puffs chest out*

Haha! See you next week for more #SixforSunday fun with a VERY HARD CHOICE: 6 favourite covers!

S x

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