S4S – Books I think should be studied in school

Hello there!

How are we all? Are we ready for a new month of #SixforSunday challenges? I’m VERY excited about this month because I love a new set of challenges (not so much the having to think ha!). I decided since it was September that we’d focus on back to school themed prompts for this month. Predictable or not… that’s what we are going for ha! This week’s #SixforSunday prompt sees me taking on something that is quite close to my heart:

Books I think should be taught in school

As a teacher, I could go ON AND ON AND ON about this subject (which I may come back to in another blog post during the week sometime… but for now I’ll try to stick to 6 ha!) I’m going to go for a range of picture books, kids books and YA books (so 2 of each eek!) that I think should be taught in schools because they are INCREDIBLE.

Picture books

How To Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers
I love everything Oliver Jeffers has written and I THINK How To Catch A Star might be my favourite. It’s just such a lovely story.
The Building Boy by Ross Montgomery and David Litchfield
This is an INCREDIBLE book about grief. I read this to my Year 6 class in my training year and it made some absolutely wonderful conversations and it’s one of my go to books.

MG books

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
Katherine Rundell is another one of those authors who can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve read all of the books she’s published so far and they’ve all been amazing. I’m still waiting for the day when I’m doing the rainforest so I can use this absolutely beautiful piece of writing.
The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig
Definitely aimed at younger children, but this is a book that should be read to every child. It’s the importance of being who you are. It’s love and compassion. It’s empathy.

YA books

The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven
Friends, we ALL know I love this book. I think it needs to be read, talked about and shared. It’s so so so important that we talk about things like slut shaming and revenge porn with our young people because the reality of the world is that this is a thing.
No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter
Another one you will have seen me ramble on about on here, but it’s another necessary one. It’s important that kids study a range of books from a range of perspectives and where else are they going to get a brilliant fat protagonist? HERE. That’s where.

Okay. I need to stop because this could 100% turn into a lovely ramble about school and books and all of those things that I love the most.

I can’t wait to see what you all think we should be using in schools! Share your posts with me using the hashtag #SixforSunday and I will check them all out!

Speak to you all soon,

S x

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