June bujo

Well hello… how are we all? Sorry for my sporadic posting this week! I never post this late normally… there’s some medical things going on in my life (nothing serious, don’t worry!) so energy at the minute needs to be reserved for work. Don’t worry though, all should be back to normal soon!

Today I’m here to show you my very much stripped back June bujo. Compared to my bujo months from the past, this month is VERY stripped back and minimal. I’m not sure whether it will stay this way or whether I’ll go back to the way I’ve done it in the past. I was a terrible bujo mam in April and May, so I wanted to ease my way back into bujo life with something much more simple and manageable (especially with all of the tiredness/poorly in my life).


The trusty month page remains because I need to know where the month begins… I really quite love my little ice lolly. It makes me smile! I’ve gone with a red and orange theme for this month, so there’s lots of red and orange featured!

Then we move on to this spread – book post on the right, mood tracker on the left.

I asked my friend Kelly (of Kelly’s Ramblings fame) how she kept track of her book post for when she does her wrap ups and she said in her bujo, so I decided I would try it and it SEEMS to be working for me. I’ve been very lucky so far in June that I’ve had quite a lot of post! I may need a second page for this. I am eternally grateful to publicists and publishers. I genuinely will never get over this whole book post thing.

For my mood tracker, I decided rather than assign a colour to a mood, I would assign colours to shades of mood this month. The brighter the colour, the happier my emotion, therefore the darker the colour, the sadder my mood. So far it seems I’ve NOT had a great month emotion-wise (blame this on being poorly/exhausted). However, note that ONE golden day – that is my Ed Sheeran day. I quite love this scale of happy/sad mood tracker style, so I may keep this… but we shall see!

The last 2 pages are my gratitude pages and my to do list.

My gratitude page I’ve kept really simple and I can just add to it as and when. I’m still adding a thing a day because it’s good for my MH to find something good about every day. Some days it’s a TINY thing, some days it’s something that is massive (hello Ed Sheeran). 

The other side is my to do listbroken down into school, blog and life. (This is NOT what my to do list looks like normally, I just took the picture before I put all of the other things on) You’ll see the red circle around the star beside Doctorsthat means I’ve achieved that thing… I have not (it appears) achieved much this month. HA.

And there you have it! June’s VERY much stripped back bujo. There are some things I miss filling in that I’m going to have to think about adding for July (my weekly mood trackers are something I miss, but for now, they can wait as I feel everything would be on the more negative scale!) 

If you’re interested in my other bujo monthly spreads, you’ll find examples at these links:
– April bujo!
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(I’ve just chosen 2 at random, if you use the search facility on my blog and search “bujo” or “bullet journal”, you’ll see the rest of my bujo posts)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my minimal June bujo – good, bad, indifferent. I’m all ears! As ever, leave me a comment, send me a tweet, email me – just get in touch. Happy to answer questions too! 

S x

5 thoughts on “June bujo

  1. goldenbooksgirl says:

    Glad your medical stuff is nothing too serious and hope you’re okay 💜
    I’m loving your minimalist journal- it’s still so colourful and pretty (that ice lolly is brilliant!), and your handwriting is so neat 😍
    Amy x


    • selliott16 says:

      That’s exactly why I didn’t do it as fully as I have in the past. I couldn’t be keeping on top of it, not with the way my body is atm. Thanks for reading my lovely! X


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