BLOG TOUR: Mirror Magic

Today I have the absolute priviledge to be part of the blog tour for Claire Fayers’ newest book, ‘Mirror Magic’. I was super lucky to get this book back in May and read it pretty much instantly. Check out my review below… (spoiler alert: those who are fans of MG books might want to DEFINITELY get your hands on this book…)

Mirror Magic: serious fun with some brilliant characters!


“Welcome to Wyse, the only town left in Britain with a connection to the magical Unworld. When Twelve-year-old Ava meets Howell on the other side of a mirror, the two are quickly drawn into a mystery to discover why the enchantments that link their towns are disappearing. But it’s hard to distinguish between friends and enemies when magic is involved and Ava and Howell soon learn that it can be very unwise to mess with mirrors…”

Magic? Mystery? An incredible cover? Two sides of the same coin? I am SOLD. 

Mirror Magic follows the story of Ava, a young girl questioning lots of things about the place in which she lives and works. The people all seem to be under the spell of one of the hot shot people in their town.  Ava doesn’t see it. Why is she the only person who can see that he’s not quite as nice as people let on? There’s lots of things that don’t fit quite right in Ava’s world. There’s lots of strange goings on. There USED TO BE lots of magic, but now there’s barely any. Where is all of the magic going? Ava works in a manor owned by her aunt and uncle, but they don’t acknowledge her, she is treated exactly the same as the servants. This frustrates Ava. She misses her dad. She knows he was somewhat magic. There’s a lot of unanswered questions about Ava’s dad, his mirror and Ava’s myserious moon shaped scar. 

Now, Ava lives on one side of the mirror, and on the other side lives Howell. He lives in the darker half of the mirror. His town is not quite as “pleasant” as Ava’s. He works in a “dead magical mirror museum” – none of the mirrors work in the museum, or so the people think. When one day the mirror starts to mist up and Howell sees Ava’s reflection, what follows is an amazing story of friendship, taking risks and some serious fun.

Each chapter starts with input from ‘The Book’ – The Book is a HILARIOUS part of this book. I can’t describe quite what the book does… but it’s funny, charming and an extra special insight into the story. 

I absolutely adored the characters in this book. Ava and Howell were both gutsy and brave. There’s a connection between Howell and Ava that gave the book a brilliant bit of history too! The baddies in this book are brilliant too… they’re scary but not terrifying. Their motives are DEFINITELY questionable and this makes for brilliant scenes between all of the characters. This book is character rich, with even background characters adding a lot to the story. 

You all know I love a book with magic in it, so when I heard this was all about magic, I knew I needed to read it. I tell you now it did not disappoint. If you’re a lover of magic, I would 100% recommend this. I loved the idea of the mirrors being a portal to the magical other half of the town and them being used as a kind of “shopping window” – it did make me chuckle. 

A massive shout out here to the illustrations too! As well as that beautiful cover, there are illustrations throughout and I just think they add so much to the story. 

A brilliant story, with excellent characters and a massive chunk of danger, fun and friendship chucked in for good measure. The recipe for a brilliantly fun book!

Would you like to be magic?
What kind of magic would you like?
If you could ask the magical world for something, what would it be?

A massive thank you to Karen and Macmillan Kids for inviting me on this blog tour! It was certainly a lot of fun! Check out the rest of the blog tour to see what others thought, and I know that Claire makes an appearance on some too!

S x



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