Wildest Dreams Book Box – March!

The other day, a box arrived at my house. It was a cardboard box… with THIS amazing logo on it… 


I knew what this meant… WILDEST DREAMS BOOK BOX OPEN TIME. 

What an exciting life. 

If you are unfamiliar with Wildest Dreams (have you been living under a rock?!)… Wildest Dreams is a monthly subscription service started by my wonderful friend Zoe (of NoSaferPlace fame), which delivers a newly released book and other book related products, straight to your door. As well as the newly released book, the boxes come with a tea personalised to the book of the month (perfect for the tea lovers among us!) and a bookish bath/body product. There will be a few extras supplied every month too! You can sign up monthly, or buy a 3/6/12 month subscription! 

If you’d like to find out more and perhaps subscribe, check out the website here

I’ve been subscribed to Wildest Dreams Book Box for a few months and it’s always a pleasure opening the box to see what goodies lie in waiting for me! 

This month’s box had the theme of Family Ties.
So a book to do with families? 

Do you wanna see what’s in the box? If you don’t want spoilers, look away now!


The first thing I opened was the tea – inspired by the Carters (from The Hate U Give). It’s English Breakfast, which for me is an EXCELLENT thing because breakfast tea is my JAM. I am looking forward to giving this a try!


The next thing I spotted was this bottle of body wash/bubble bath. Inspired by the brilliantly ginger Weasley family. This is a brilliant full sized bottle of orange zest scented bath product. I’ve not used it yet, but I’ve heard brilliant things. I’m excited to use this as orange is one of my favourite scents!

The final thing I had was some tissues, and the book… (confession time, I didn’t remember to take a picture of the book, but I did open it!) I worry for my brain if I need tissues to read this book… SEND HELP. I am looking forward to checking out this book. I’ve heard lots of great things! 

And there you have it!
What a great box.

If you’re interested what was in February’s box, my wonderful friend Kelly (of Kelly’s Ramblings fame) reviewed the February box over on her blog: clicky click.

Do you subscribe to any book boxes?
What are your favourite products to receive in boxes?
Are you a Wildest Dreams subscriber? Do you have a favourite box so far?

Let me know in the comments, or over on twitter: I’d love to talk Wildest Dreams Book Box with you all! 

S x


2 thoughts on “Wildest Dreams Book Box – March!

  1. judithcmoore says:

    I love the WD box, they always look so lovely! I don’t read YA contemporary enough to be a full-time subscriber though :(. Keeping my eyes peeled for later boxes! Awesome unboxing


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