February bujo!

Welcome to February.
I realise we are now 14 days in so I’m 2 weeks too late to say that, but never mind! Here goes…

I have a post coming up to show you January’s final bullet journal as I actually managed to journal for the entire month and I’m pretty chuffed with the finished result! Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my bullet journal, you’re all brilliant humans.

img_1426February’s title page makes me happy – my stars aren’t great, nor is the lettering BUT it’s pretty colours and that’s always happy news!

Next up we have a February dates list – a new page for me. I’m not sure if it’s handy at all or whether I’m just not interesting enough to have plans ha! There’s a few more things on now since I took the pictures but still I’m not sure if it requires a whole page. We’ll see. The other page is my trusty book post page. This is very handy for keeping track of my book post and reminds me to email publishers to say thanks! Some months there’s more post than page and that’s exceptionally lovely of them!

Since it’s February, yes I went for a very LITERAL monthly mood tracker. Sue me. I like my little hearts: they’re cute. I’m definitely managing to sort out the moods that I feel the most often, so my colours are becoming staple. (I’ve decided to take out lazy and swap it for demotivated… because that’s a kinder word) The other side is my grateful page (28 is a HORRIBLE number to have to split 180 by FYI, remind me of this next February if I decide to do this!) I’ve not thought of a quote for February’s page, so if you’ve got one I could put in the middle then please holler! 


The final pages are my weekly pages. Here is an example of my first week’s page. Daily tracking of lessons I’m teaching, a to do list, my trusty weekly tracker, steps and sleep (which only work when my Fitbit is working!) and then a box for notes/rants/ideas/worries etc. I think this weekly layout is becoming somewhat of a staple for me. I’m quite into it. I generally do this on a Sunday night and fill in what I know for the week ahead! 

And there we go! Come back next week to find out how I got on with January’s bullet journal! 

What staple pages do you have?
What do you have that I’m missing?
What’s your favourite thing to include in your bujo?

Let’s talk! I love talking bullet journals. Don’t forget to check out my brillint Kelly’s posts – Kelly’s most recent bujo post.

S x

7 thoughts on “February bujo!

  1. CharlotteSomewhere says:

    Fab post. I love seeing your bujo and I LOVE the date page idea. I may have to steal that. I’m thinking of adding a weekly spread in but I don’t want to put worl stuff in there so not sure if it would be a daft idea.


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