January bullet journal

Hello there!

Today I am sharing my January set up in my bullet journal. I would share the end of December but you don’t wanna see the massive chunk in the middle unfinished. I’ve come to realise that doing my bullet journal at the end of a day is excellent for my brain as I have to reflect about the good over the day and not go to bed on a negative. So I’ve pledged to ensure that the same time I take my tablets before I go to bed, I do my bullet journal. Let’s see how that goes! 

So January…

This was a spread idea I stole from that good old trusty Kelly’s Rambles. I’m yet to add anything to my “future log” yet, but the idea is to put birthdays/essay hand ins/half terms/events on so that I have an awareness of when things are coming! I’ve done the whole year. 


Another new addition to my bujo this year is my Books of 2018 page. I’m hoping to fill these shelves (not all of them, that would be ridiculous) with all the different books I read and colour code them according to the month I read them! (I had read 2 books already by the time I took these photos, there’s more on there now!)


My next double spread is a bookish one! The first page is about #read365 (if you’re not sure what this is check out my book challenge blog post which tells you all about it! Also check out the hashtag on twitter!). The other side is my staple book post page. I hadn’t received any at the time of taking these pictures, hence the emptiness!


Next up is my monthly mood tracker and gratitidue pages. I love to find something new and interesting for my mood tracker, and when I saw this idea on the internet I thought it was lovely! I’ve gone for a different array of emotions again this month… who knows when I’ll finally get round to coming up with my definitive list. I like my little tea cup. The other side is my happy page – I come up with something that has made me smile, or made me feel good, that day and write it down. It’s an excellent reflective thing, especially if you’ve had a shitty day. I always make myself find something.


The final spread in my journal for now is my weekly one! As you can see I took this picture as I was in the middle of doing. A box a day, then one for the weekend, where I fill in whats going on on those days/what I need to remember. I’ve added a People to Thank box, as people are quite often lovely to me and I need to remember to say thank you to them. I’m not sure what I’m going to use the box at the bottom for… we’ll see! 

What do you track weekly?
What are your staple bujo pages?
Do you have a dotted, squared, lined or plain journal?

I’d love to talk about bullet journals! Comment and we can talk! 

S x

10 thoughts on “January bullet journal

  1. Kristina says:

    Oooh, as i’m looking forward to have my own bullet journal (maybe for 2019..) I absolutely LOVE seeing what everyone do with theirs, so I can get some ideas – hopefully heheh ..


  2. Michelle says:

    Wow, I love this so much! I’m still intimidated by the idea of a bullet journal, but I love looking at everyone else’s spreads.


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