2017: what a year!

What a year 2017 has been, ay kids? 

We’ve been through a lot here.

As a student: I’ve gone from writing my dissertation, to graduating, to starting my SCITT, to finishing my first term as a trainee teacher ALL in the space of one year. That’s pretty bonkers

As a blogger: I went from a little known blogger (I’m under no assumption I am well known now, don’t worry!), to going to my first blogger events, being on my first blog tours, going to YALC, being on more blog tours and even being asked to chair an event! What a year. 

2017 has been an incredible year for me, both professionally and blogging wise.

Today I want to share some of my favourite blog posts over the year. Some of the ones I enjoyed writing the most, or the ones I’ve enjoyed seeing your responses to the most. As you well know if you’re a long time reader here, my blogs come in 4 different varieties: discussion blogs, personal blogs, book blogs or school/training blogs. I’ve found blogs of all kinds to share! I hope you enjoy reflecting as much I did! 

Let’s start with bookish blogs:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who took part in #DesertIslandBooks. It was an absolute joy. I did not think it would quite take off as well as it did. I had my very random idea back in August, and never did I imagine that those posts would keep me going all the way up until December (with some people still being interested!). To all of the authors, bloggers, booksellers, publicists, teachers: you are incredible and I am eternally grateful for your interest and enthusiasm about my little project. #DesertIslandBooks was something I thought would die down after a month or so, you all made my blogger heart very happy! (If you’re interested in 2018’s blog feature, let me know!)

Also, I’d like to thank any of you who joined in, commented on, liked my #SixforSunday posts. Again, that was a stupid little idea I had earlier this year and to see you all get involved and join in makes me very happy. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2018 prompts coming in the next few days! 

Some other bookish highlights:
ALL OF THE AMAZING BOOKS I GOT TO READ because publicists, publishers, fellow bloggers sent them to me. You’re all brilliant. I couldn’t do this without all of you. I still can’t quite believe this is my life every time I get book post.
YALC was a massive highlight of my bookish life this year. I got to meet so many amazing authors, so many brilliant bloggers and spend time with some of my favourite humans. I couldn’t have had a better first YALC experience: YALC #1 and YALC #2.
– Being involved in so many amazing blog tours. Two particular highlights for me are BLOG TOUR: The Scarecrow Queenand When I Grow Up: book tour.

Now on to discussion type blogs:
– “Mam, can I have a book?”  in where I rant about letting your kids choose whatever book they want. Books are books. Books are written to be read. 
Why buy books? where I talk about why I buy my kids books, and why I think it’s important to buy books
How do you read? where I explore how people choose to read – in silence or with noise?
Dear Clothes Manufacturers… where I explore the necessity for pockets in women’s clothing… NECESSARY.

Personal type blogs: 
Bullet journal: this year I started a bullet journal, inspired mainly by my gorgeous human Kelly and I’ve loved sharing my bullet journals with you every month!
What makes me happy?: where I share the things that make me happiest, and the things that give me the most problems
Happy things…: a lovely tradition my lovely friend Grace started on my blog, where I share things which made me happy that week/fortnight/recently – these are my favourite additions to my blog.
Letters to… my people: my ‘letters to…’ series has been long running and I need to keep it going. These blog posts always make me feel very happy. I’ve written to my kids, my friends, bloggers, authors and myself! 

Student/teacher-y posts:
Ask Miss Elliott and I Wish My Teacher Knew… were 2 little things I would do with my Y4 kids last (academic) year and they loved it. Some of their questions were brilliant! A few of the responses to I wish my teacher knew made me a bit emotional too! 
– I started doing reflective blogs as part of my teacher training. I find them great to help me continue to be reflective and think about what happened the previous week. I haven’t done one for weeks, but I will be continuing in 2018: Maths week: Week 10
– I developed quite a massive love for Once Upon A Picture (a blog which shares pictures to use as stimulus) over the past year and shared a few blogs, featuring my kids’ writing and how I used the picture: Wonderful writing?

If you’re still here, then congratulations, you have earned a sticker. I’m sorry I rambled on for so long! 

Do you have a favourite blog post of mine?
What 3 words do you think of when you think of my blog?

What do you want to see more of next year?

Let me know in the comments, or twitter, or email me, or send me a postcard. Tell me. I love writing all of these posts. 

S x

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