Stop. Breathe. Reflect.

Working hard. Chasing dreams. Struggling, succeeding. Resilience. Trying. Fighting for what you believe in. Twiglets. Laughter. Smiles. Chocolate. Pumpkin trails. Cousin chats. Talking Drag Race. Seeing an old crush. Genuine conversation. Potential plans. Beauty and the Beast. Being productive. Having lazy days. Listening to the rain. Being out in the sunshine. Friends. More laughter. Reading. Having time to breathe. Looking back and seeing how far I’ve come. Thinking about the future and it not terrify me. Strangers who become friends. Percy. Important stories. Lovely emails. Coffee shop friend dates. Emailing authors. Desert Island Books. Bullet journaling. Stopping. Breathing. Family. New friends. Old friends. Learning. Book post. Conversations with people who care. Blogging. Believing in yourself. Tea. Books. Always books. 

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