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Hello everyone!
Today we have another unwilling castaway for #DesertIslandBooks! Today our castaway is my lovely friend Andrew from @PewterWolf on twitter! He’s absolutely brilliant! Go give him a follow. Check out his choices below!

DIB rules

The six books I would take (baring maybe a “How do I Live on a Desert Island” and “How do I build a book” manuals are:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” by JK Rowling (Joint fave in the series. LUPIN!!!)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by JK Rowling (New Joint Fave in the series. But, it’s meaty in length so it should last me for a while)
Sabriel” by Garth Nix (this is one of my fave fantasy books. Kickass lead, creepy undead things, Death and [by far the best part] a sarcastic talking cat. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!)
His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman (Am cheating, I know this. But there is a beautiful bind-up of all three novels in one book and I NEED to reread these! This, including the previous four, is the highest standard of fantasy. Breathtaking and thought-providing)
Earthsea: The First Four Novels” by Ursula K. Le Gin (Again, another cheat as I own a bind-up of the first four books in a beautiful green book. Plus, I have never read any of these. But, from the little I know, this is A-class fantasy that I will love, hate and everything in-between while reading).
Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien (Ok, I don’t own this and I’m not 100% certain I would read it. It has this huge thing about it being THE FANTASY CLASSIC. But, I don’t know how long I will be on the island without being rescued so might need something to challenge me. Plus, if I hate it, I can rip the book up and use it to start a fire…)

My snack of choice (OH, THIS IS HARD! I love food. Some people see food as fuel, I see it as a hobby. Plus, you said snack, not food, so that rules out food such as pasta, cereal, soups, etc) is going to be a dark chocolate hobnob biscuits. As that’s what am eating now while answering these questions so seems apt.

Unlimited Tea or Coffee? TEA! No brainer! But, I need milk in my tea or coffee so that might change my mind. But TEA! No question. I like a good builder’s tea so BRING ME THE TEA!!!

One music album. Ok, this is a cheat – I know this, but am going by my iTunes – but I would go for the Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack: Collector’s Edition. I always return to this soundtrack when reading/writing/doing things. Plus, it’s a nice mix of music and genres of music so will always be perfect for whatever mood I’m in.

What would I prefer: the Bible or the Complete Works of Shakespeare? This is a very personal question to people, and each will have a different reason. I would lean towards Shakespeare, and I can’t really answer why. I’m not deeply religious so while it would be fascinating to read the Bible, I feel I would learn more and enjoy reading Shakespeare more. 
(Don’t worry Andrew, you get BOTH!)

Now, the hardest part of all this. Saving a book and a song. You’re a monster, Steph. You know that right? It would really depend on the mood I am in when I’m saved/forced to leave my holiday (I’m not 100% certain which this is, truth be told. Can it be both? Can someone super hunky save me?). The song would be between Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson, A Cold Wind Blows Through Your Door by Bill Ricchini or Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara. It will really depend on the mood that day. Today, am tempted to say Keep Breathing… though I’m not sure why…

Saving a book. Hmm… which book am I reading at the time isn’t an answer, I sense. So, let me have a think. It’s going to be either of my Harry Potters or Sabriel. They all have value to me and I know that if I choose one over another, I will be kicking myself on the plane back, going “Why? WHY?!” I might ask someone to pick for me. It would be easier for my soul and my panic of “I’m leaving. But… I can’t. THE TEA!!!”

(This is HILARIOUS. It took Andrew SO LONG to get back to me because he couldn’t decide and he had so many questions!)

Thank you SO MUCH Andrew for agreeing to be sent away… I hope you and Dave get on well! (Dave is the resident island butler!)

S x

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