BOOKBLOG: Roger McGough

I received this gorgeous piece of book post from Puffin books recently and it is just brilliant. It’s a beautiful book filled with 80 different poems written by Roger McGough and it will be so perfect to use in the classroom!


Now, I am no poetry aficionado whatsoever so any time poetry is brought in to my life I am always astounded by how brilliant it is! There was no difference with this book. When it arrived, my mam and I spent 15 minutes picking random page numbers to read the poems from and we had a little chuckle all the way through. The poems in this book are all irreverent, ridiculous and very funny. This book would make a brilliant addition to a classroom poetry collection, or even a personal poetry collection. 

I’ve picked out a few highlights to share with you all, so you can see how wonderful the poems are!

Thank you so much Puffin Books for sending me this collection! Can’t wait to read some of these poems to the kids! 

Do you have a favourite poem?
Which of my 3 choices is your favourite?
Can you recommend some poetry to me?

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter! 

S x

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