Desert Island Books: Maz Evans

Morning! Happy Tuesday! Today we have another castaway on the island of booklessness. Today’s castaway is one of my favourite kids authors… Maz Evans. If you’ve not read her Who Let The Gods Out? series then I implore you to NOW. NOW. GO GO GO FIND THEM AND READ THEM. (You’ll find my reviews at BOOKBLOG: Maz Evans and BOOK BLOG: Maz Evans 1).

Maz agreed to be castaway, so thank you so much Maz for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer my very silly #DesertIslandBooks questions!

For those who are unsure of the rules:

DIB rules

You are allowed to take 6 books of your choosing. These can be any 6 you wish. 

Right: East of Eden (so I can learn how to write);
Notes on a Scandal (just sublime);
1001 Arabian Nights (for instructions to build a magic carpet);
War & Peace (looks like I’ve finally got the time);
The Time Traveller’s Wife (hopefully I’ll forget the film);
Pride and Prejudice (so Colin can warm those long, cold nights on the beach…)

You are allowed to take a snack of your choosing: this will be provided in an unlimited quantity. 

Pistachios. They’re expensive, so I’m glad you’re paying. (ha!)

You may choose from unlimited supplies of tea or coffee. 

Tea – but please can it be herbal, because I’m caffeine intolerant. Do you have that on your desert island? (of course!)

You are entitled to carry with you 1 music album/playlist (not surpassing 15 songs). 

Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. I’m taking both CDs and you can’t stop me.

You MUST CHOOSE ONE BOOK and ONE SONG from your playlist/album that you get to keep when the Desert police come along. 

Nooooooooo…. Probably Arabian Nights because I haven’t read them for a while. And song… As. It’s time I knew all the words. But could you schedule my return flight for a couple of weeks later? I have a really short attention… oooh, look at that coconut tree…

Thank you so much Maz for agreeing to be castaway! I hope you get round to reading War and Peace! 

S x

p.s. it’s not too late to be involved! Email me if you’d like to be involved!

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