Book post doesn’t come any more special than a MASSIVE BOX

I came home last week to a MASSIVE BOX. And I mean massive. I was most taken aback. Who’s sending me such a large parcel? I did not know, I was not expecting anything! 

Cut to a minute later when my excitement had built up and THIS awaits me:



I opened the little letter and I was blown away.

The letter invited me to be a part of the #BigBookClub run by Puffin Books and Bear Nibbles. Inside the box was 2 boxes of cereal, 2 books, coloured pencils, a ‘reading cave’ sign, a gorgeous cushion, bear ears and my letter. I was speechless!

I was lucky enough to receive The Borrowers (which I have never read!) and a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book! I’m going to read them before we go back to school! The brilliant part of #BigBookClub is that there are ‘books with words‘ and ‘books with pictures‘ sections – so everyone’s included!! 


#BigBookClub is a brilliant idea set up to provide resources and a place for children to enjoy and share books! There are materials online (I’ll share the links at the bottom of this blog post) and a gorgeous website to accompany – I’ve had a look and it’s super gorgeous. Plus, I love the little bear reading… what a studious little man!

If you’d like to know more about #BigBookClub, check out Puffin’s guide and official Big Book Club website. I’ve signed up to the newsletter and it was super easy! I can’t wait to set up a book club at school! This parcel will certainly help! 

Thank you so much to the gorgeous people at Puffin and Bear for my incredible #BigBookClub parcel. It was an incredible surprise! Please check out the website and sign up to the newsletter if you can! 

I will keep you up to speed on my book club! 

What would you read in your #BigBookClub?
Have you read either of the books I received?
Have you seen any other #BigBookClub posts?
I’d love to see how others are using their boxes!

S x

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