BOOKBLOG: Craig Shuttleworth


“Compare town and country scenes full of clever little details in this beautiful new Turnaround Book – spot buses, trains, and skyscrapers in the town and tractors, mountains, and farm animals in the country. Open the book one way to explore the town scene and then flip the book over to delve into the country landscape. What can you see that’s the same in both scenes? What can you spot that’s different?

With a mini glossary for each picture – featuring tiny pictures picked out from the main scene – Town and Country is completely absorbing for children who are just starting to engage with simple written words. For younger children, this is a great read-together title – pick an item on the glossary panel, then try to find it in the big picture – an excellent introduction to looking carefully and naming objects.”

The gorgeous people over at Quarto sent me this brilliant book recently and I can’t wait to share it with the kids at school. I’ve already shared it with the little girl who lives next door and she absolutely loved looking for all of the things that were listed! 


As you can see in the picture above there’s TWO lots of things to look for! This would be a perfect book for my twiglets! They wouldn’t have to share the same page, they could look at things for their page and then just turn the book round to look for new things! I love that this book could be used for extending the vocabulary of your littles! It would be perfect in an EYFS setting – the kids would have such a brilliant time looking for the things and then talking about the objects they’re looking for. 


There are so many gorgeous pages in this book. This one is a country jobs page! Again this would be great for extending vocabulary! Perfect for the little inquisitive people we have in the world! Check out the Quarto website for more details!

I can’t wait to share this with the little people in my life. I remember being younger and loving these “look and find” type books – ‘Where’s Wally?‘ used to be my absolute nemesis. Town and Country is a much friendlier version of books like Where’s Wally?! The pages aren’t filled with hundreds of things! 

Were you a fan of “look and find” books?
Which were your favourites?
Were you any good at ‘Where’s Wally?’

Let me know in the comments… share your favourites with me – I won’t be any good at them but it’s good for the brain! 

S x

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