What We’re Reading!

I haven’t done a ‘What We’re Reading’ post for a while, so thought it was time to share once again the books that my Year 4 class are reading! The last one is here: What We’re Reading…

There’s a wide variety here! And there’s a few books missing

I’m reading Goodly and Grave, which the publishers kindly sent me, during silent reading on a Friday. The kids love me reading alongside them! 

There are some books in this lot that I’ve never heard of that I would LOVE to read. Highlights include:

  • Chris D’Lacey books (ours have been passed around so often that these ones are falling apart!)
  • Mr Stink – we read Demon Dentist together at the start of the year and the kids loved it, so it’s great to see other David Walliams books going round the class! 
  • The Mr Gum books are very popular in this class! I might have to borrow one over the holidays to see what all the fuss is about.

We are currently reading The Island at The End of Everything together and the kids are LOVING it. My kids love story time at the end of the day and regardless of what has gone on I always try and make time for it. You have no idea how many times they’ve asked for more story. With the Island it is posing some very interesting moral dilemmas with the children and it is causing some excellent talking points. There is some absolutely incredible vocabulary in this book too, which my kids are loving adding to our New Vocabulary wall! I have read it already – find my review here: BOOKBLOG: Kiran Milwood Hargrave.IMG_4317

If you’ve any book recommendations for my kids I will happily take them!

S x

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