You MAY not buy any books

Hello. So it’s May. Welcome to a new month. I am trying something this month… 

I am not allowed to buy ANY books.

Those of you who know me, or follow this blog, will know that I am a FAN of books. I do buy books probably weekly/fortnightly. I am going to try for a month not to buy any books. Books that are sent to me from publishers/friends are MORE THAN WELCOME however. If it goes well in May I may continue it into June. 

I’m trying this for a few reasons:

  1. I need to save my book moneys for YALC. Where I am sure I will buy ALL OF THE BOOKS. 
  2. My TBR pile is currently taking over my life.
  3. My Netgalley needs some serious attention. 

I will happily receive books from people though, so please send them! 

Have you tried a book ban?
How did it go?
Are you coming along to YALC? 

I would love to know if anyone is coming along to YALC as I will definitely have a hug and a hello for you!!

S x