Release launch

I have been in the bookish world for about a year now, like properly in the bookish world. I’ve always been a bookish person, always loved the ways of the books, but it wasn’t until last Summer that I really started going to book events (I had been to a few at Seven Stories, an incredible book loving venue in Newcastle, including my first meeting of my Queen, Queen Melinda Salisbury, but I am going off on a tangent here). I’ve been to UKYACX, YAShot and a few other bookish events but when I heard that Patrick Ness was going to be in Newcastle I knew I HAD to go. I have admired this man’s work from afar for a while. A Monster Calls absolutely broke me in two. So I hurried to Waterstones Newcastle and got myself a ticket and man am I glad!


I was lucky enough to get to go with one of my favourite blogger friends, Cora, and another lovely twitterer who alerted us at the last minute that she was going and asked if she could tag along. Another thing I love about the book world is that we are all so lovely and friendly that bookish people flock together and have a love of books together! 

The event was held in the Tyneside Cinema in one of the actual screening rooms and as it is such a beautiful venue I spent a lot of the waiting time just looking around. I never get bored of being in the Tyneside Cinema. If you’re ever in Newcastle, get yourself down there, it is so gorgeous. 

IMG_4590(how gorgeous do they all look together?!)

The event was chaired by the lovely Anna James and she was such a brilliant chair! I’m lucky enough to have met Anna before so it was a lovely surprise to meet her again and see she was chairing the event. When the chat started Patrick began with a story about England football and congratulated Newcastle on winning the Championship, which I thought was a lovely touch (being a massive football fan that I am!) It’s always interesting going along to events like this because you get to learn new snippets of things about authors that you never knew before. Patrick revealed to us that he starts with the first and last line of a book and then puts the rest in – I’d never thought about writing a book like that before but I guess it makes sense! He also talked for a little while about A Monster Calls the film and told us that he’d written the screenplay before he knew whether it would be a film or not. He also talked to us about the Doctor Who show Class – which I have not seen, but as chatter went on to talk about some big plot twist in one of the episodes I am most tempted. He made some really interesting comments about authors needing to earn the right to be frank about sex and sexuality – that authors can’t just write sex for the sake of sex, your readers have to know that this has purpose and meaning. He also mentioned that authors should write the book they want to read – to tell the story that you’ve not read, which I found really true. Who wants to read another Hunger Games? Give us something new!

IMG_4591(badges?! YAS!)

After the chat, there was a Q&A section where the audience were given a chance to ask questions and then there was a chance to get books signed by Patrick. I was nervous as I had 5 books in my bag to be signed and I know some events are really funny about the amount of books you’re allowed to have signed, but he was more than accommodating and said he was happy to sign all of the books I had with me! 


He had heard me telling one of the people working the event that I was a teacher and had some lovely things to say about teachers! Anyone who respects teachers is a big hit in my books! 

I had a wonderful night and it was so lovely to finally meet him. He was an absolute delight – frank, honest, intelligent and funny. Just the kind of person I love. 

S x

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