How do you read?

Recently I was thinking about the way in which I read, about how different my reading atmosphere is at home versus when I’m reading and travelling. When I’m at home I like to read in silence, but when I’m travelling I need to have my iPod on, playing music. I have no idea why there is this difference at all – it just is. If I have music on at home I just can not concentrate, yet when I’m travelling and it’s silent I can not concentrate at all. This got me thinking, and wondering about how others work it out. So I thought I would ask twitter via the medium of trusty old poll and I got some very interesting responses!


I was really surprised at the response! I didn’t realise so many people would vote silence! 

I asked for some feedback and some of my lovelies were happy to share opinions!


I did not know about author playlists until my lovely LittleHux shared this with me and I now want to hunt out all of the playlists and listen to them alongside the books! Let me know if you have any faves! 


I loved the variety of responses here! My gorgeous friend Lucy shared the very Snape-esque answer of silence! Whereas Kelsey was all for the playlist lifestyle – I will have to check this out. A few people have suggested playlists or soundtracks. I need to try this. I think Jess is very much like me, some noise, some silence – it depends what she’s reading!


Much like the poll suggests Lauren was with the majority of people, voting silence (although it seems she has to put up with football!) Steph and Darran were both the fan of “some noise“. Obviously, we all have THAT FRIEND who is just READING ALL OF THE THINGS ALL OF THE TIMES, Cora is my that friend. 

So there, I found out my answer. Most people like silence. Interesting. 

Thank you to all of the people mentioned in this blog post! Go give them a follow for all things bookish – they’re all wonderful humans. I would recommend. Thank you also to all the people involved in voting for the poll, there were an awful lot of you!!

Let me know in the comments below about your reading habits! I am fascinated by them all! 

S x

7 thoughts on “How do you read?

  1. harrietspringbett says:

    Wish I’d known about your poll, as I’d have contributed. I’m a ‘silence’ person, both for reading and writing – though background noise like café chatting isn’t a problem. Great idea for a blog post, with some fascinating responses.


  2. Vena Isabella says:

    Like most of the people on your post, I also prefer silence when reading. Listening to instrumental music has always been something I’ve wanted to try though, it’s usually the words that are most distracting. Plus, it would be helpful to drown out any people chatting when you’re trying to read on the train! I’m definitely gonna try out that Reading Chillout Playlist Kelsey suggested.

    Thanks for a great post! ^.^


      • Vena Isabella says:

        I know right! Over the last few days I’ve ended up not just thinking about how I read in terms of sounds but actually in how I take in the words. I’m not a very fast reader, cause I speak each individual word out in my head, but other people kind of skim over the words and picture it all like a movie! What do you do? x


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