More #AskMissElliott

Hello! Back to some school talk! 

I took a few weeks off doing #AskMissElliott to give the kids a chance to come up with some new questions but after requests to bring it back I knew it was time! If you’re curious what #AskMissElliott is, it’s a chance for the kids in my class to ask me a question about me! They are allowed to ask me anything they want: I’m very lucky that I have a bunch of kids who I’ve built a lovely relationship with and as it stands I’ve not had any stupid questions – they’ve all been quite normal! (if you’re interested in seeing my previous #AskMissElliott posts – Ask Miss Elliott#AskMissElliott 2#AskMissElliott 3)

So here we go with some of the questions this time round!

What is the most annoying song for you?

So many. But Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is HIGHLY irritating. 


What is your favourite language?IMG_4538

These kids love asking me questions about languages! I think my favourite language to listen to is Spanish, but my favourite languages to speak are probably French or German – they’re both very different! (I can’t speak Spanish, so if anyone wants to teach me… I’m willing!)

Do you like university?

I kind of touched on this in Student-ing but on the whole I did enjoy the process. It was exhausting but educational. I learnt a lot about myself through the process. I would definitely recommend it to people, it takes a lot of commitment and drive.
What is your favourite month? (Mine is Winter)

(I think this child meant “season”) Definitely summer. Give me sunshine, warmth and beer gardens over cold, snow and hot chocolate any day!


IMG_4542Did you have any jobs before you were a teacher? If so what were they?

Retail and bar work! I worked in a shoe shop for a lot of my working career. I was just an evening and weekend girl initially, but then I worked my way to supervisor/cover manager. I also worked in St James’ Park for a season, on match days, in one of the bars. 

So those were some of the questions this time round! The kids are definitely getting braver with their questions and I am loving the fact they requested to have this back! It’s a lovely rapport builder with the kids – we know so much about them that sharing some little answers with them is great for our classroom atmosphere! I would totally recommend people try it, even if just once!

Have you tried this in your classroom?
Have you tried something similar?
Would you try this?

I’d love to know what other little things you do with your class! Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@eenalol) I am always open to a chat, or a question!

S x

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