What am I reading in the classroom?

We finished Demon Dentist recently in Year 4 and they absolutely LOVED it. They thought it was funny, heart-breaking and exciting. If you’re looking for a story to read to your KS2 classes, definitely give Demon Dentist a look. I loved it too as an adult. I was experiencing the story with them and it did not disappoint!

Since we finished that the children were dying to start something else. They wanted to read another David Walliams book but I told them that we need to read a range of authors but that we could definitely go back to David Walliams! I have most of his books (novels and picture books)! I came up with a list of 4 books for them to democratically decide between:

Alfie Bloom and the Secrets of Hexbridge Castle – Gabrielle Kent (who visitied school recently and was an absolute delight!)
The New Teacher – Dominique Demers
The Witches – Roald Dahl (which came second on our last vote, so I had to include it for the second time)
Perijee and Me – Ross Montgomery (which I read over the summer holidays and it is incredible)

I read the blurbs of the books to the children then we had a vote on which book would win… and the winner was Perijee and Me!

We’ve already read the first few chapters and they’re loving reading time once more. I can’t wait for them to properly meet Perijee and watch his tale unfold. I love Perijee and Me. I read it earlier this year and I devoured it.

Once we finish Perijee and Me we have The Christmasaurus WHICH I CAN’T WAIT TO READ

This class are a great lover of reading, especially being read to and it fills my little heart with joy. There’s nothing more I love than sharing a book with them! I am so lucky that I get to share these incredible books with them.

S x

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