Book inspired lessons

I am going to start a ‘BOOK INSPIRED LESSONS’ blog post series. It will only be as and when for the minute, then once there’s a few ideas in the blog I might make it a real thing!

For a long time I’ve wanted to learn how to sign, properly. But it’s just not something I’ve ever got round to unfortunately. It’s always been there, bubbling in the back of my mind! As soon as I read ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder’, I knew I wanted to do something BSL inspired, but I wasn’t quite sure what. Rhys being deaf just spurred something on in me!

I pondered over it for a day or two and had a browse on Twinkl and saw that they have some INCREDIBLE resources all about BSL. I knew instantly that I wanted to use the resources in my Year 4 classroom! I found this video and knew that I had to use it! It’s a very simple video showing how to sign the letters of the alphabet, which will enable the children to “fingerspell” (spell with their fingers) their names!

We watched the video twice, with the children copying the lady on the video. Then the children went back to their desks with this sheet and they had 5 minutes to practise fingerspelling their name with the partner. The children absolutely LOVED it.

It only took 10-15 minutes and now all the children have some awareness of BSL and hopefully can spell their name using this incredible language! I hope to teach them a christmas song in BSL too… Twinkl is wonderful and has all kinds of Christmas BSL resources available! Check them out!

Have you ever tried BSL in your classroom? How did it work? I want to show my children that all forms of communication are important and create a classroom filled with children who are aware of the diverse nature of this world!

S x

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