BOOKBLOG: Will Mabbitt

Funny, simple and effective.
Kids loved it. I loved it.
Buy it. Go on.
(It’s not out yet though).
Buy it when it comes out.

“This book is about worms. I can only draw worms.

You might think worms are boring – but you’d be wrong. These worms have INCREDIBLE adventures!

I can’t draw those bits, though, so you’ll have to imagine them.”

When my wonderful friend Sarah asked me if I wanted a super exclusive version of a new book I knew I would. Puffin’s very own Fantastic Beast. Let’s be honest, she knew I did too… This was a VERY special copy. It was a pre-release sneak peak… HOW FANCY. Only 15 of them around! I felt very honoured and accepted in minutes! 

The illustrations in this book are so brilliantly simple. They don’t take anything away from the humour in this book. It made me laugh out loud. It made the children laugh out loud. They asked me to read it twice in the same day. The worms are far too cute to be scary Fantastic Beasts, but they’re fantastic nonetheless.

In essence this is a counting book. There are 10 worms, well kind of. Maybe 10 worms. The author’s pretence is that he can only draw worms. Full worms, half worms, worm heads… just worms. I love the illustrations. The colour scheme is everything too! It’s not often you find a yellow/pink and blue book. 

The words are the making of this book though. It’s that kind of humour you find in a Jon Klassen book. I loved it. It made me proper chuckle. It’s humour which is accessible to children and adults alike. I love picture books like that. Picture books I get something from are picture books I am more likely to go back to time after time. 

This book can be read for humour’s sake, to just entertain your children but it can also be used for numbers! I absolutely cannot wait to take it back into school to read it to another bunch of children. I can’t wait for more from Will Mabbitt. If this is to go off then I will be buying his books for a long time to come! 

Thanks Sarah and Puffin Books for sending me this super pre-release copy! Can’t wait to get my hands on an actual proper copy! 

S x

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