Beauty and the Beast love!

Now for something a bit different. I don’t normally talk about my collections… other than my book collections obviously!!

So… you ask me who my favourite Disney princess is there’s no question that Belle is. She is incredible. She’s sassy, she’s bookish, she’s intelligent and she’s kind. I mean she gets a library for crying out loud… what a lucky woman!

FOr Christmas this last year my wonderful bestie bought me this incredible print of the rose from Beauty and the Beast. Just look at it. I cried when I got it. She knows me so well. It never had a home, but hung in my bedroom. Now it has a home… with all the rest of my Beauty and the Beast collection! Tsum tsums and Pop Vinyl figures alike! I’m also a lucky bean that this same bestie bought me some Belle Vans too. I adore them.

So when I heard that Disney were releasing a Beauty and the Beast tsum tsum collection I just knew I had to have them! I managed to obtain Gaston, Lumiere and Cogsworth at the Disney shop in the Metro Centre but none of the others. I was awfully sad. I was straight on Amazon… although Belle and the Beast were 3 times the price the others were I HAD TO HAVE THEM. I ordered Belle and the Beast online but was still missing 2 of them… there was still no Maurice or Phillipe. I had 5/7 and needed them all. Two days later my wonderful cousin Kate and my adorable goddaughters surprised me with my last 2… TADA. Look at that glorious collection. They’re all so cute.

So now my collection of Beauty and the Beast things is almost complete… I just need Cogsworth and Lumiere Pop Vinyl figures and then I’ll be a happy bean. However, next year when the film comes out there’s bound to be a WHOLE LOAD of more stuff for me to own. WOOHOO. I’m nervous about the new film. But that’s coming in another post!

What about you? Whos’s your favourite Disney princess? Are you a Belle fanatic as much as me?

S x

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast love!

  1. ktkinnes says:

    I’m currently incredibly jealous of your beauty and the beast collection! Although Ariel is my favourite Disney princess (have you seen her hair??) I would have to say that Belle is definitely my second favourite!! Which is your favourite song in the film?
    Great post! Can’t wait for your one about the new film xx


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