Display ideas: esafety!

I love a display! My displays never quite look how I want (I mean look how skew that title is… I did correct it after the photo was taken mind!). We use the SWGfL e-safety resources to assist us in our e-safety week teaching. The resources are great! They have resources from EYFS all the way to Year 10. Our teachers have all used the resources and I’m yet to hear a bad thing! Lesson plans are there and resources too! It’s a great website to use if you’re struggling with e-safety. There are all sorts of other things on the website too… I’ve not had time to look through properly yet though!

I did the e-safety with Year 6 and they were very into it. So we made a display and the children were so proud of themselves. We did a lot of talking about different scenarios and what they already knew. I think as teachers we need to not be ignorant to the fact that our eldest children in primary schools will have social media: unfortunately it’s a fact of the technological society we live in. You’ll probably be able to find most of your class online! I think it’s our job to educate them in how to stay safe online. The children prepared posters of their own personal rules for staying safe online and they are the big iPads which you can see on the board. The children took great pride in their posters as they knew they’d be on the wall. The head, the ICT lead and the school governors loved seeing this display and it created an incredible talking point for children and adults alike!

Links to twinkl resources for the display below!

S x

Posters for display
Cards for discussion
iPad template for posters
Display lettering – white with computers in the background

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