Lesson idea: Science

Whilst teaching Year 6 Science I wanted to get some extended writing out of them and decided that the digestive system was quite a good topic. I didn’t want them to just write a report about the digestive system or something dull like that so I decided a diary entry was a great idea. We did a few weeks about the digestive system and the whole process and then they had to decide which food they were and write a diary entry about being eaten, going through the digestive system all the way to becoming poo (one of the kids just giggled all the way through the lesson because I said poo!). I was nervous to see how it would come about, because it was quite out there and I had never done it before, but I have to say I think it was one of my favourite lessons of last year! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and the work produced was of such a high standard too. They really had remembered and applied some amazing knowledge!

Science 1Science 2Science 3Science 4Science 5Science 6

I used a lot of Twinkl’s Plan It resources for this topic of Science. Follow the link, log in if you’re a twinkl member (if you’re not then you SHOULD be) and download away!! (http://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/planit-science-primary-teaching-resources/planit-science-primary-teaching-resources-y6/planit-science-primary-teaching-resources-y6-animals-including-humans

The digestive system resource you see in some of the pictures is available here: http://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-14552-digestive-system-interactive-visual-aid

What have been your favourite Science lessons of the last academic year? Do you enjoy teaching Science?

S x

Oh the places you’ll go, Lane 7!

I visited a place called Lane 7,
It’s Newcastle’s bowling heaven.
You get to go inside,
It’s really hard to decide,
Just make sure you’ve decided by eleven. 

We were greeted with a lovely big smile,
The place has just top notch style.
The decor is lush,
All swish, swash, plush.
The kitchen has beautiful tiles.

I ordered a Raspberry Beret,
It should be cocktail of the day, 
Cold water was brought,
The charge was nought,
That’s how I like it anyway!

The menu is full of delights,
Main meals and even light bites.
We went there for restaurant week,
Their choice was not for the meek.
A menu of food fit for a knight.

I ordered some BBQ wings,
They were incredibly sticky things.
Then came my tasty sammich,
With chicken it did some damage,
Would even be too big for kings.

Then came our strawberry sweet,
The bowl was silver and neat.
The ice cream was fun.
Once the popping candy was done,
I was most definitely beat!

So that was my meal of the day,
A splendid one I would say.
If you fancy a treat,
Get up on your feet
And go to Lane 7 today!

Lane 7 website, click here. They currently have a deal on til the end of August: £27 for 2 drinks, 2 courses, 2 activities… see that deal here. They’re over on Twitter (@Lane7Newcastle) give them a follow, their twitter folk are lovely!!

Have any of you been to Lane 7 in Newcastle yet? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me @eenalol.

S x