Improve a sentence game

After some discussion on a forum I am part of on Facebook I decided to share my Improve a sentence powerpoint. It’s very basic but it’s also very effective. All the children need is something to write on, something to write with and a dice. They roll their dice and then they change the given sentence using the instruction given.

For example…

The cat ran away.

Roll 1: change the noun
Roll 2: add an adjective
Roll 3: add a noun phrase
Roll 4: add an adverb
Roll 5: make it a silly sentence
Roll 6: change the verb

Children would take it in turns to make the sentence as interesting as they could. I usually get children to share their new creations on a post it note on our writing display. Children have about 5 minutes at the start/end of a SPAG/Literacy lesson to play this game and there have been some incredible sentences written. We have found it really helped their writing and children have been able to implement these ideas in their extended writing.

Enjoy! Let me know if it’s any good!

S x

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