BOOKBLOG: Picture books

I am a HUGE fan of picture books. I think children get so much from picture books – not just the younger children but the older children too. I think a lot of KS2 teachers are afraid of picture books, but there really is nothing to be afraid of. My Year 6 children the past year really loved listening to and reading a picture book.

I haven’t used these picture books with any classes because I’ve just picked them up but I picked them up from POUNDLAND. Yes. Who knew?! Poundland!! It is a great place to get bits and bobs for the classroom. As teachers we spend a lot of our own money on our classrooms, so when we can get a bargain, why wouldn’t we?!

  1. Jim and the Baked Beanstalk: Colin Simpson- a great alternative for Jack and the Beanstalk. Quite wordy so maybe not suitable for really little people but a great retelling. Definitely one to be read over a few days! I can’t wait to use it in the classroom.
  2. Oh Dear Geoffrey: Gemma O’Neill – a story about a giraffe who tries to be something he isn’t to make friends, but eventually learns that being himself will help him make more friends. A lovely book with amazing illustrations! Great for a PSHE lesson, or for children to make up their own from!
  3. Sweet as Sugar: Oakley Graham – a bit like Oh Dear Geoffrey, a story about being happy with who you are. An excellent tale for PSHE or just for an end of the day story!
  4. The Magic Balloon: Graham Oakley – a lovely story about travel which would be good for topic. Some excellent illustrations too. A great story for end of the day reading.
  5. The Dragon Machine: Helen Ward – this is a story about a little boy who sees dragons all around. There are some resources on the literacy shed ( scroll down a bit) to go with the story so totally worth spending some time mulling over it. The illustations are great and would be some amazing picture inspirations for writing.

I picked all 5 of these up from Poundland, so it’s totally worth going in and having a look!

Have you found any gems in a Poundland store? What other #poundlandpedagogy tips do you have? I will write more about #poundlandpedagogy in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Use the hashtag #poundlandpedagogy on twitter if you’ve something to share, or even want to check them out! Some amazing ideas out there! Some good practice being shared for sure!

S x

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